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Venango College of Clarion University announces $61,650 in scholarship awards for its students

OIL CITY, PA—Venango College of Clarion University announces $61,650 in scholarship awards to students in Venango programs for the 2014-2015 academic year. 

“The campus is grateful for the many organizations and community members that support students attending the Venango campus through scholarships,” said Dr. Colleen McAleer, interim executive dean.

This year the Venango College Scholarship Committee awarded fifty scholarships totaling $43,790.  Additionally the School of Nursing and Allied Health presented scholarship awards to fifteen student totaling $17,860.  There are many scholarship opportunities for students regardless of where they attend school.

Scholarships decrease the number and amount of loans students need to take to complete higher education.  Scholarship assistance can support students who fall in the gap between high and low income levels — students who may not qualify for a need based scholarship and who do not meet the criteria for a merit based scholarship.

Some scholarships are merit based.  If students win a scholarship, they can give themselves a pat on the back. When they are recognized for their accomplishments it gives them the confidence to pursue other goals. Receiving a merit-based scholarship indicates that a student stood out among their peers and the scholarship provider recognized this quality.  When students apply for colleges or jobs in the future, they have proof that in at least one area they can distinguish themselves from their peers.

 “Distinguishing your resume from those sent by hundreds of other applicants can be difficult. A scholarship can make it easy to make your resume stand out. Being recognized by someone else for your achievements is sometimes enough to get you in for an interview with a future employer. Looking for a job is hard work, but when you have plenty of achievements and qualifications it is much easier,” said Kay Ensle, co-chair of the Venango College Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships help to lessen the impact of tuition costs.  Tuition is on the rise nation-wide and scholarships give access to higher education for students of all income levels and help students have more time to focus on their studies.

Research shows that work can take up more than 15 hours per week and becomes an impediment to academic success. For many students the stresses of working make it difficult for them to graduate on time, or graduate with the high grades they have the potential to achieve. For other students, the work/study life is unsustainable, and they discontinue their studies all together.

Kimberly Marlatt, a rehabilitative science with a concentration in substance abuse major was extremely grateful to receive one of the awarded scholarships.  Kim is a returning adult student who is juggling responsibilities of raising a family, working and going to school. 

“Receiving a scholarship moves me closer to my dream of helping those less fortunate in the substance abuse and mental health fields.  Receiving a scholarship has taken some of the financial burden off of my family and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who so generously gave to the Venango Scholarship funds,” said Kim.

Scholarships also teach philanthropy.  By being the student recipient of a scholarship, it is hoped that the students will become philanthropic themselves and give back when they are financially able. 

Venango College of Clarion University is the oldest regional campus in Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education. The college provides high-quality educational programs and personalized services to help students succeed. Students can begin any of Clarion University’s 90 plus degrees, earn an associate degree, a bachelor's or graduate degrees in select areas, obtain a one-year certificate or participate in a variety of professional development and personal enrichment courses. The college is home to Clarion University's School of Health Sciences which offers programs on the Venango and Clarion campuses, the Pittsburgh site and online, and the Department of Justice, Law, Technology and Liberal Arts. Venango College is committed to serving the needs of the region and beyond.


7/22/2014 8:00 AM

Venango College of Clarion University announces $61,650 in scholarship awards for its students