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Intramural Guidelines


  • Clarion University and the Intramural Recreation and Fitness office assumes no liability for injuries sustained before, during, or after participation in intramural contests or practices.
  • Individuals injured during competition should notify the event supervisor immediately and complete an injury report form.
  • First Aid and CPR certified students or professional staff members will only administer first-aid within their training limitations.
  • Yearly health examinations are strongly recommended.
  • University policy requires that students have medical insurance coverage to be eligible for participation in university-sanctioned, sponsored, and/or approved activities. The assumption is that students who are participating in such activities are covered by medical insurance, and proof of this coverage can be produced upon the university’s request.


  • Student officials are provided for each game.
  • Officials and intramural supervisors are responsible for the conduct of the individual players as well as spectators during the intramural activities.
  • Officials are instructed to remove from the arena any person(s) engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.


  • Any individual or team that is not ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time of an activity will forfeit that contest.
  • Any individual or team leaving the area of play before a contest is completed or before it is terminated by the officials will forfeit that contest and be charged with a loss.
  • Any individual or team receiving a second forfeit for any reason will automatically be dropped from further competition.


  • Only protests of eligibility are accepted in any sport.
  • All protests must be submitted, in writing, to the director within 24 hours after the contest has been played.