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If you would like to schedule the Learning and Technology lab for a workshop, please review the information on this site.

Scheduling   |

Guidelines   |



Lab Equipment


Lab Software

12 Windows PCs with Win7
   1 Instructor Station with Win7
Ceiling Mounted Proxima Projector
   7' Projection Screen
DVD Player
Remote Keyboard and Mouse
HP4 Laser Jet Printer

You will be automatically logged into the Clarion network when the computer is turned on.  Machines should be shut down after use.


Office 2010



Installing Software

Request a Workshop Date - Email:
Fees for Lab Use

The Learning and Technology Center will have priority in scheduling.


You will need to contact our authorized vendor, Computer Support*, to install and remove any specialty software needed for your workshop.  Note: You will need to schedule the lab for installing and uninstalling the software. Installing and uninstalling of software is done at the expense of the user department.

*Computer Support is the current vendor and may not be substituted.



Printing and Copying

The lab user is responsible for gaining access to the LTC Lab (contact Public Safety, 393-2111 for ingress and egress to both building and lab) when staff are not available.  The lab user is also responsible for making sure machines are shut down and the lab is locked after use.  The lab has a security alarm and the user will need a code to enter and set the alarm when leaving.


There is a black and white laser printer in the lab.  You are responsible for providing your own paper for printing.

There is no copying equipment available.  Prepare any copied materials prior to your workshop.



Food & Drinks

There is no phone in the lab.

If you need a conference phone, it will have to be coordinated with telecommunications.


No food or drinks are allowed into the lab.



Bringing Your Own Laptop?

It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the lab to make sure that any software loaded has appropriate licenses and their use conforms to university policies (including the computer use policy).


If you bring a laptop for your presentation, you must be a Clarion University faculty or staff member to be able to log into the Clarion network.



Lab Use Fee

103 Still Hall
Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Clarion, PA 16214

Clarion University Map


There is no charge for Clarion University internal training.  If your university-affiliated event is fee-based or grant-funded, there will be a charge for the use of the facility.

1 hour @ $20
1/2 day (4 hours) @ $50
1 evening (4 hours) @ $50
1 day (8 hours) @ $80



If you have any questions, please contact Darla Ausel at