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Software Overview ...

Adobe Acrobat

Purpose and Faculty Use:

Adobe Acrobat is used to create Portable Document Format (PDF) files from existing documents preserving the original format of the document. PDF files are viewed with a free reader available for download at

Faculty can create PDF files as a way for students to view files created in a word processing, publishing or presentation program without having the original program on their computer. PDF files offer a way to save files so that others cannot modify your document.


The full version of Adobe Acrobat Professional is located in the LTC Faculty Development room, 103 Still Hall. 

Desire2Learn (D2L)

Purpose and Faculty Use:

Desire2Learn (D2L) learning management system is a web-based software system which can be used by faculty to support flexible teaching and learning whether your class is taught face-to-face or at a distance. It provides tools and facilities to manage your course as well as content and provides online collaboration and communication. Although this is a text based medium, courses can be enhanced with audio and video.

Faculty can use the D2L course shell to enhance their face-to-face classes and teach online classes with use of the various tools that D2L provides. Class discussions, knowledge-check quizzes, regular exams, assignments and links to course material can be placed in the D2L course shell.


The Desire2Learn learning management system is Web-based and can be accessed from any computer on or off campus at


Purpose and Faculty Use:

Camtasia Studio records high-quality videos of your Windows computer screen, enabling faculty to share their PC knowledge with everyone in their class or department. You can also record the computer screen while using programs such as Photoshop Elements or PowerPoint to help clarify a concept for your students. Faculty can easily edit, enhance and publish screen recordings in all the popular multimedia formats. This product does not work on the Macintosh platform.

Come in to our office for a demonstration of both Captivate and Camtasia to learn what software is best for your particular project!


Camtasia is located in the LTC Faculty Development room, 103 Still Hall.


Purpose and Faculty Use:

Impatica for PowerPoint converts the PowerPoint file into a compressed format (Java) that is optimized for streaming over the Internet. The content can be easily displayed even when using a 56.6kbps modem. Impatica supports most of the features available in PowerPoint.

Faculty can use Impatica for PowerPoint to add narrated presentations to their Web site or D2L course shell.


Impatica is located in the LTC Faculty Development room, 103 Still Hall.


Purpose and Faculty Use:

A component of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint is a presentation graphics program. Once the presentation is created it can be used for delivered on-screen, as overhead transparencies, as 35mm slides and as paper printouts/ handouts/notes/outlines. The current version of Microsoft Office is Office 2007.

Office 2007 Viewer : Students who do not have Office 2007 can download a reader.

Faculty can create presentations and simple educational games. With PowerPoint faculty can add simple shapes, graphics, multimedia and animation to create a dynamic presentation.


PowerPoint is available on all campus computers.


Purpose and Faculty Use:

Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Desire2Learn. Exams can be created offline using a familiar program such as Notepad. Faculty can use Respondus to easily create exams or quizzes for placement in D2L or for use in class.


The University has purchased a campus-wide software license so University faculty can download the software directly to their home and school computer. The license is available to all faculty and must be renewed on your computer every year. Please go to our Respondus web site for more information on the download process or for renewing your current Respondus license.


Purpose and Faculty Use:

Snag-It is used to capture screen images, text, video and print output from your Windows PC. A companion software package, Studio 6 allows you to enhance your digital images with annotations, titles, callouts, graphics, and clip art.

Faculty can use Snag-It to capture screen images from a computer for use in just about any program including Microsoft Word to help students understand concepts or develop training material.


SnagIt is located in the LTC Faculty Development room, 103 Still Hall.


StudyMate (a product of Respondus)

Purpose and Faculty Use:

StudyMate allows you to create 10 interactive Flash-based activities that you can load into Desire2Learn. The activities are fact cards, fact cards plus, flash cards, pick a letter, fill in the blank, matching, crosswords, quiz, challenge, and glossary. If you already have questions built in Respondus, you can import them into StudyMate.


The university has a site license for this software. For download information, please refer to Computing Services software website. Training materials are available through Respondus.or you can come to the Learning Technology Center for assistance.

Turnitin Anti-Plagiarism softare

Purpose and Faculty Use:

In partnership with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Clarion University has contracted with, an anti-plagiarism software company, to provide campus-wide service for faculty to help determine whether a student's work is original or if it has been matched to an alternate source. It is important to advise students at the beginning of a course about university policies on plagiarism and the use of Turnitin.

University policies, user guides, faqs, plagiarism guides, privacy issues, instructions, and other resources such as sample statements to include in syllabi, are available at this site


The Turnitin service is available only through Clarion University's learning management system Desire2Learn.


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