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Confidentiality: Alumni Development Information System

Procedure No. 40.020
Date Issued: 11/15/99
Date Effective:  9/15/99
Date(s) Revised: 2/1/06; 11/7/12
Issued By: University Advancement   


Purpose:  To provide guidelines for the use and release of bio/demographic information that is maintained by Clarion University Foundation, Inc., on behalf of Clarion University’s advancement efforts.

Policy:   Clarion University, through an outline agreement, contracts with the Clarion University Foundation, Inc., for the purposes of advancing Clarion University.   In addition, Clarion University Foundation, Inc. was named by the University Council of Trustees as the designee to receive all private support to Clarion University. 

In fulfillment of its obligation, Clarion University Foundation, Inc. maintains a comprehensive database system consisting of bio/demographic information for members of the Clarion University community along with information regarding private support.  Members of the Clarion University community integral in advancing the university include alumni, friends, current and retired employees, parents and organizations.

Request for information for approved activities:

Information in the form of lists, labels, data files and reports is available only to authorized representatives of Clarion University or Clarion University Foundation, Inc., in support of approved activities.

Approvals will be granted by the appropriate university or foundation representative(s), depending upon the subject matter of the request.

The individual/unit requesting information is obligated to maintain confidentiality of that information. 

Information requests are fulfilled upon receipt of a signed confidentiality statement.

Information is not available for creating lists, files (paper or electronic), vendor mailings or political mailings and is only permitted to be used for the purpose indicated in the request.

Occasionally, the Clarion University Foundation, Inc., will list the names of donors in printed annual reports or on recognition plaques in specific sites, except when anonymity is explicitly requested.

Any responses containing new or updated bio/demographic data received in return from mailings or other contacts must be returned to the foundation office to ensure that current accurate information will continue to be maintained on behalf of the university’s advancement efforts.

Procedures for Requesting Information: 

1.     Contact the database manager to discuss the request. The staff member may offer suggestions to help tailor the information request.

2.     A written information request is required.  Fax, email or campus mail are all acceptable means for submitting information requests.

3.     Requestor must submit a copy of any information (e.g., surveys or newsletters) being mailed.

4.     The database manager will forward a confidentiality statement to the person making the information request.  The signed statement must be returned before the requested information will be released.  The signed statement can be returned via fax, email or campus mail, or in person when the requested information is collected.

Requests for information for personal use:

When written (letter, email, fax) requests for address and telephone information for constituents are received from members of the university community (alumni, current or retired employees, parents, donors and volunteers) for the purpose of contacting a former classmate, student, professor, etc., information will be provided if the information in question is publicly available in the foundation’s online directory. 

If the information in question is not available in the online directory, a request will be forwarded to the individual whose contact information is being sought. That decision as to whether or not to respond to the inquiry lies with the individuals whose information is being sought.  No information will be released directly to non-university community (as defined above) members.