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Employee Reporting of Crimes

Procedure No. 70.200
Employee Reporting of Crimes 
Date Issued: 08/30/00
Date Effective:  07/31/00
Issued By: Public Safety

Purpose: To meet the legal requirements of federal and state laws, requiring universities to include certain crimes reported to employees, other than Public Safety employees, in annual crime statistics publications.


It is the policy of Clarion University to maintain a safe and secure living, learning environment for students, employees, and visitors. As a sworn police agency, the Public Safety Department works towards this goal by seeking to prevent crime before it takes place and by conducting a thorough and professional investigation of reported criminal incidents. Unfortunately, the Public Safety Department can neither prevent every crime from happening nor solve every crime that occurs. University employees play a crucial role in keeping the university community safe. By reporting crimes and other unsafe conditions, employees enable the proper administrative and legal authorities to respond.

It is also the policy of Clarion University to provide accurate and complete information in is crime statistics publications and to comply with all federal regulations regarding reporting. Implementation of this policy enables the university to achieve this goal.


In order to comply with federal and state laws, it is necessary for employees who receive reports about certain, specific crimes on campus to forward this information to Public Safety. The names of the victims and witnesses do not need to be included in such reports, nor will the employee be required to divulge this information. The attached form is designed to facilitate this reporting process. The crimes that must be reported are listed on the attached form. Definitions of those crimes are included on the back of the form.

Except as noted in the Limitations on the Policy Section, university employees who, through the course of their duties, receive a report of one of the crimes listed on the attached form, must report it to Public Safety. The attached form should be forwarded to the Director of Public Safety within two days of the report. This reporting policy applies only to the crimes listed on the form and then only if the incident occurs in one of the following locations:

A. In a university-owned building, including residence halls, academic buildings or recreational facilities

B. On the grounds, parking lots, sidewalks or roadways owned by Clarion University

C. In any property owned or controlled by a recognized student organization, including, but not limited to, recognized fraternity and sorority houses

D. Any location off campus if the incident occurred at or during an event sponsored by a recognized student organization

Limitations on the Policy:

This policy does not apply to licensed counselors or psychologists working in the Counseling Center, nor does it apply to pastoral counselors. When appropriate, pastoral counselors and licensed counselors should encourage persons they are counseling to report crimes to the proper authorities and the Public Safety Department in the interest of community safety. Persons reporting crime under this scenario should contact the Director of Public Safety. All such reports will be taken on a voluntary, confidential basis for inclusion in the annual crime statistics report.

Any person who has questions about their responsibilities under this policy should contact the Director of Public Safety.