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External Ornamentation

Procedure No. 30.400

Policy: External Ornamentation Policy

Date Issued: 6/2/04

Date Effective: 6/2/04

Issued By: Finance & Administration Division

A.     Purpose: 

To establish guidelines for placement of external ornamentation and non-standard fixtures. 

B.     Background: 

Clarion University’s Landscape Master Plan includes the following priorities: 

  • Create a palette of site furnishings

  • Improve campus signage

  • Establish architectural guidelines

While the Plan does not specifically mention external ornamentation, placement of signs or symbols memorializing individual projects or accomplishments works against the intent of these priorities to standardize buildings and fixtures and unify the campus.   

Moreover, in addressing the issue of furnishings the Facilities Master Plan suggests: 

  • . . . that a standard palette of furnishings be established for the campus.  Benches, light poles and fixtures, trash receptacles, kiosks, bike racks, bollards and signage should be used with consistency across the campus.  This contributes to campus definition and order, and reinforces its physical integrity and image.

C.     Policy: 

In considering requests for plaques and memorials attached to buildings or erected on University grounds, the University administration will apply the following principles: 

1.      Conformance to Facilities and Landscape Master Plans 

Any external ornamentation to be affixed to any University Building or erected as a free-standing structure must conform to the University standard for fixtures detailed in the Facilities and Landscape Master Plan documents. 

2.      Exceptions 

Exceptions to the above may be allowed for ornamentation or fixtures which serve an overriding University purpose.  These exceptions must be submitted for review by FPC and receive final approval by the President.