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Partisan Political Activity

Procedure No. 60.040
Date Issued: 6/23/97
Date Effective: 6/23/97
Issued By: President's Office

Purpose: To provide guidelines to employees regarding compliance with the Code of Conduct for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and with regulations issued by federal agencies providing funding to Clarion University.


Under the above noted regulations, no employee of Clarion University shall engage in any political activity such as campaigning, fundraising, canvassing or poll watching during his or her specified working hours, or which is determined by the President of the University to conflict with the ability of the affected employee to effectively and efficiently carry out the duties and functions of his/her position.

No employee shall in any manner coerce any other employee to contribute time, money or services to a political candidate or campaign.

Employees who refuse or fail to comply with this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, reprimands, suspensions, and termination.