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Reproduction of materials

Procedure No. - 40.010
Date Issued: 10/10/94
Date Effective: 8/24/94
Issued By: University Advancement


To provide a consistent visual image of Clarion University, because public perceptions affect the university's ability to perform its missions.

To produce high-quality publications that represent Clarion University accurately and well.

To help eliminate unnecessary repetitions of information in various publications.

To ensure consistency and conformity with guidelines for:

* truth in advertising
* affirmative action statements
* postal regulations
* copyright laws
* environmental responsibility
* wordmark use
* style and design

To assist agencies with cost containment for printed materials.


Official Clarion University publications and other materials prepared for public distribution reflect the character and quality of the institution and its services.

Therefore, all printing jobs for public distribution must have written approval from the publications director. The Purchasing Office will not assign P.O. numbers without such approval, and Accounts Payable will not pay printing invoices that do not have this approval attached. Individuals who order printing of any kind without written approval will be personally liable for payment.


Certain materials can be sent directly to the university's Print Shop without prior review and approval in the Publications Office: correspondence; classroom handouts; internal self-studies; forms to be used within a department only; flyers and handbills for campus use only; and student-produced publications.

Official university publications include all printed materials intended for external public or campus-wide distribution:

* Admissions publications
* advertisements
* book or report covers
* booklets
* brochures
* business cards
* catalogs
* class schedules
* envelopes, imprinted
* forms (campus-wide or external)
* handbills
* letterhead
* newsletters
* posters
* program flyers
* programs (public events)
* Student Affairs publications
* videos


University agencies that require printing (or reprinting) must contact the publications director. In all cases where the university's Print Shop cannot handle a job because of size, technical or equipment requirements, or scheduling conflicts, the publications director will channel the printing to an outside vendor who specializes in the type of printing required.

The Publications Office will obtain estimates and prepare printing specifications for bidding in cooperation with the Purchasing Office.