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Residence Hall Identification Process

Procedure No. 10.020
Residence Hall Identification Process
Date Issued: 03/04/96
Date Effective: 08/15/96
Issued By: Human Resources

Purpose: To establish policy for Clarion University employees and vendors to enter private areas of campus residence halls.


Private Areas - All areas of residence halls outside of the main lobby and front desk.

Excluded from this are faculty and non-residence hall staff offices provided by the university.

Residence Hall - Any Clarion University facility designed either exclusively or partially

for providing campus living space for students of the university.


All Clarion University employees are to be provided with a photo employee identification card. All employees who enter the private areas of residence halls will conspicuously display this identification at all times while in the private areas of residence halls.

Employees will be provided with an identification card clasp for wearing the identification in the residence hall. In addition, each front desk of the residence halls will be stocked with extra clasps in case employees do not have an identification card clasp available.

In order to assure employees have their identification card as needed, one duplicate photo identification card will be issued to those employees requesting one. This is intended to assure that employees who frequently work in residence halls have an identification card at their normal work location and with them personally.

University vendors who must access private areas of residence halls in order to complete contractual commitments will be provided with identification cards. These vendors will be required to display the identification card conspicuously at all times. Residence hall desk personnel will be responsible for providing and recovering all identification cards issued to vendors in a timely manner.