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Right to Know Act

Procedure No. - 80.001
(U.S. Public Law 101-542
NCAA Bylaw 30.1 and 1990 Proposed 24)
Date Issued: 2/21/92
Date Effective: 2/21/92
Issued By: Student Affairs

Purpose: To comply with the annual publication and distribution of graduation rates as required by these acts.


Clarion University will annually produce and distribute graduation rates broken down by racial or ethnic group, gender, and for those students receiving athletically related aid, by sport.


Compliance with the requirements stipulated by these acts will be coordinated by the Vice-President for Student Affairs.

The Vice-President will chair a compliance committee composed of the Registrar, the Director of Financial Aid, the Associate Director of Athletics, and the Assistant Academic Vice-President.

The Assistant Academic Vice-President will be responsible for implementation of the necessary tracking procedures. The Registrar, the Director of Financial Aid and the Associate Director of Athletics will track the reporting categories under their respective areas of responsibility. Other university offices and officers will be consulted as necessary.

The Vice-President will convene the committee in a timely fashion so that tracking data can be reviewed and the necessary reporting forms completed. It will be the responsibility of the Vice-President for Student Affairs to print and distribute these reports according to legislative requirements.