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Use of University Fleet Vehicles

Procedure No. 34.101
Policy on Usage of University Fleet Vehicles
Date Issued: 01/13/92
Date Revised:
Issued By: Finance and Administration

Purpose: To define policies and procedures for the issuance of university vehicles.


In accordance with Management Directive 615.8 (Attachment 1) and CUP Travel Regulations dated December 1986, personnel authorized to operate university vehicles must satisfy three basic requirements.

1) They must be on the university payroll.

2) They must possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver's License and present same to the Facilities Management Department's Motor Transport Dispatcher prior to operating any university vehicle.

3) The vehicle must be operated for the purpose of official university business only.

Under no circumstances may an employee whose license has been suspended or revoked be authorized to drive his or her personal and/or university-owned automobile for official business during the period of suspension or revocation.

University vehicles shall be used only in connection with official university business. Only persons on official university business may ride in a university vehicle. Persons who are not university employees are not permitted to ride as passengers, unless their presence in the car is a part of the official business for which the vehicle is being operated and they are authorized to travel by having their name recorded on a Travel Approval Request Form (Attachment 2). Exceptions must have the approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration or designee.

Work/Study Student Status: Although Work/Study students may satisfy the above requirements, the university further requires that a full-time employee who carries approving authority and satisfies the requirements described above accept responsibility for a vehicle operated by a Work/Study student.

Therefore, for Work/Study students, Part II Approval as indicated on the Travel Approval Request Form transfers responsibility for the vehicle to the approving authority, not the Work/Study student, even though the approving authority may not be the vehicle operator. This requirement is necessary to accommodate state insurance requirements.

Procedure: If an authorized employee requires a university vehicle and the time remaining before the date of need is seven days or less, the approving authority should ensure that a completed and signed Travel Approval Request Form is hand-carried to the McEntire Building and given to the vehicle dispatcher to reserve/obtain a vehicle, if one is available.

Reservations by FAX, phone, or e-mail will not be accepted.

Parts I and II of the Travel Approval Request Form must be completed prior to submission to the Facilities Management Department. If not completed, the form will be returned to the requestor.

If a Travel Approval Request Form is mailed to the Motor Transport Dispatcher, the requesting agency should mail the form at least seven days in advance of the requirement date. Do not retain the pink copy of the form before mailing. The pink copy will be returned to the requesting agency by the dispatcher and will serve as verification that a vehicle is available and has been reserved. If the requirement cannot be satisfied due to existing commitments, the vehicle dispatcher will notify the requesting agency and will send the paperwork back to the originator noting that no vehicles are available.

Vehicle keys will only be issued from the Motor Transport Office located in the McEntire Building. The hours of operation for the office are:

Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m. to Noon
12:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Vehicle keys may be picked up during these hours for vehicles scheduled to be used outside of the office hours. When returning vehicles, refueling will be completed by the Facilities Management Department staff. Fuel credit cards that were issued with the vehicle along with any fuel credit card receipts should be returned with Part III of the Travel Approval Request Form.

Damage to university vehicles that may occur during use are subject to investigation by law enforcement authorities having jurisdiction in the location where the damage occurs as well as the university's Public Safety Department. Liability for proven negligence, vehicle abuse or unsafe vehicle operation is the operator's responsibility.