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Associate of Science Rehabilitative Services


The two-year Associate of Science Rehabilitative Services program at Venango College prepares individuals to make a positive impact upon special needs individuals in human services settings.   

Students enrolled in the program work with faculty who are nationally recognized in the field of rehabilitative sciences.

Because of the many diverse employment opportunities in the field of human services, the program offers both specialized and generic competency preparation. The Rehabilitative Services program includes a core curriculum that provides education in observation and recording, interviewing and communication techniques, behavior management, group dynamics, crisis intervention, case management, and referral.

General education courses in liberal arts, sciences, and the humanities are also part of the curriculum. The program culminates in a supervised field experience in a human services agency.

Qualified students who have earned a 2.5 QPA or higher may continue their study toward a bachelor's degree in special education or rehabilitative sciences and receive full credit toward graduation for all courses taken while earning the associate degree.