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Graphic Identity


Graphic Identity

Clarion University strives to maintain a consistent graphic identity as a major component of communicating the strength and integrity of the institution. A unified approach to the signature fosters a strong, consistent institutional image for both internal and external audiences. The success of any identity program depends on the cooperation of all members of the university community.

Clarion University Signature

The official Clarion University signature consists of the two-color logo (eagle within the C) paired with the words "Clarion University Since 1867" as shown below. It communicates a message of strength and integrity for Clarion and must appear on all official publications, documents, and communications of the university.

The signature, as shown and specified below, is the registered and protected symbol representing Clarion University and, as such, is the sole and exclusive property of the university. The university prohibits any infringements on, overlays of, screens, additions, changes in color or proportion, and all other alterations and modifications whatsoever to this registered mark and its approved variations (described below), except for proportional sizing, without the express written consent from University Relations.


Signature Colors

The Clarion University signature uses only the following approved colors:
                  CMYK:  C=100, M=72, Y= 0, K=32
Eagle and wordmark
                   PMS 281C
                  CMYK:  C=20, M=25, Y=60, K=25

“C” element of logo
                  PMS 4505C    

In specific instances identified by University Relations, such as presidential letterhead and selected high-impact publications, metallic PMS 4505C may be used for the “C” element of the logo.

Approved Signature Variations

The following are the only approved and acceptable variations of the Clarion University signature. The signature can be employed in black-and-white version, and should be “reversed” in all white when appearing on black or very dark background colors. On solid field colors other than blue, the signature should appear in full color.  However, when used on a blue field, the “C” element of the logo should be shown in Clarion gold (as described above) with the rest of the signature reversed.


When the phrase, “A member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education” is used, it should be separated from the signature to ensure it does not appear to be part of the mark.