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Degrees in English

     There are few undergraduate majors that provide you with the critical literacy and multicultural awareness essential for success in any field as does English studies. Since writing and reading literature is a form of self-discovery, as an English major you will not only learn how to intelligently express your own insights, values and opinions, but also deepen your appreciation and knowledge of yourself and the world. Close reading, analytical writing, critical/creative thinking are universally important abilities that will serve the English major well in a variety of rewarding but competitive careers. The worlds of education, teaching, law, human services, marketing, advertising, publishing, public relations, and management welcomes with open arms the literate, critical thinker who can write, read comprehensively and develop convincing arguments with coherence and sharp focus.

     As an English major at Clarion University, you will work with professors who are committed to teaching excellence and on the cutting edge of English studies. Our faculty is sensitive to the mosaic of critical and creative writing, literature and multiculturalism that English studies offers to our students. As an English major at Clarion, you may choose among many fields of study: Literature (American, British, World, Women's, Multi-Ethnic, Young Adult); Writing (Creative, Critical, Professional); Linguistics; Culture Studies (Film, Folklore, Critical Theory). Beyond course work, you can become active in our English Club, the Literary Journal, and the Visiting Writers Program. Your personal and professional growth as a Clarion English major prepares you to meet the world with confidence, critical literacy and sophistication.