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Minor in Writing

Minor in Writing (18 Credits)


A.     This course is required of all students pursuing the minor in English Writing. Ideally, it should be taken as the initial course in the sequence.

ENG 207: Research Methodology and Writing


B.     Students pursuing the minor in English Writing, must successfully complete five of the courses listed below.

ENG 202: Beginning Creative Writing
ENG 263: English Grammars and English Usage *
ENG 301: Writing Non-Fiction Prose
ENG 303: The Craft of Fiction
ENG 304: The Craft of Poetry
ENG 306: Scientific and Technical Writing
ENG 307: Business Writing
ENG 356: Rhetorical Theory for Writers *
ENG 482: Composition: Theory and Practice *


* A student may take no more than two from the following: ENG 263, 356, 482.


English: Writing Minor Checksheet