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Minor in Literature

Minor in Literature (18 Credits)


A.     This course is required of all students pursuing the minor in English Literature. Ideally, it should be taken as the initial course in the program.

ENG 199: Introduction to English Studies


B.     Students pursuing the minor in English Literature must successfully complete two of the 200-level survey courses listed below.

ENG 221: English Literature: Beginnings to 1800
ENG 222: English Literature: 1800 to Present
ENG 225: American Literature: Beginnings to 1860
ENG 226: American Literature: 1860 to the Present
ENG 227: World Literature: Backgrounds and Traditions
ENG 228: Modern and Contemporary World Literature
ENG 230: Introduction to African-American Literature


C.     Students must also successfully complete any three courses to be selected from ENG 311 through ENG 455 (except ENG 353 and ENG 356).


English: Literature Minor Checksheet