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Joint Programs

Some Clarion programs are offered in cooperation with other universities, hospitals, or other entities.  Students in these programs take the first part of their program at Clarion--and then transter to the partner institution for the clinical or technical education.  Examples include the Respiratory Therapy, the Medical Imaging, the Medical Technology, the Athletic Training, and the Industrial Technology programs.

Students in these programs are eligible for financial aid on the same basis as students in any other academic program, and are governed by the same financial aid regulations. However, if the educational costs of the joint program are less than the educational costs of other Clarion programs, students may be eligible for less financial aid.  For example, if the student pays the hospital $2500 for tuition and fees in her/his clinical year, and Clarion tuition and fees is $9100 for the same time period, the student's eligibility for aid may be recalculated.

If Clarion is the institution that will award the degree, then the student should indicate Clarion University as the school that s/he attends when filing the FAFSA.

The Respiratory Therapy program, the Medical Imaging program, and the Medical Technology program require students to enroll in a clinical experience over summer/s. Students in these program who wish to use financial aid for summer should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine the amounts and types of aid for which they are eligible.  Students who want to use a Federal Direct Student Loan for the summer should fill out a Summer Loan Application form and return it to the Office of Financial Aid.