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Department of Applied Technology

Advisory Board

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

7:30 a.m. Rhoades Hall


  • Kay Ensle- Venango Campus
  • Robert Garrity- Venango Technology Center
  • Rod Griffin- Specialty Fabrication and Powder Coating
  • Lisa Groner- The Learning Center
  • Bill Hallock- Venango Campus
  • Kyle Herron- Webco
  • Susan Hileman- Northwest Industrial Resource Center
  • Cortney Huber- Venango Campus
  • Lance Hummer- Keystone Community Education Council
  • Jennifer Kafferlin- Precision Manufacturing Institute
  • Mike Klapec- Klapec Auto Body Inc.
  • Dave Lott- Venango Campus
  • Kyle Mattison- Current AAS-IT Student
  • Denise McCloskey- Northwest Commission
  • Tim McMahon- Triangle Tech Group
  • Chris Reber- Venango Campus
  • Barry Reiser- Tech Molded Plastics
  • Randy Seitz- Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry, and Tourism
  • Thomas Wood- Electralloy
  • Scott Wyman- Penelec


  • Doug Clark- Matric Ltd.
  • Jon DeArment- Channellock, Inc.
  • Neil Donovan- Crawford County Career Center
  • Butch Hargenrader- Pepsi Bottling
  • Dave Hartley- College of Business Administration
  • Barry Kibbey- NHLA
  • Matt Livermore- AAS-IT Graduate
  • Justin McGinley- AAS-IT Graduate
  • Jeff Miccichi- Conair
  • Jerry Miller- Joy Manufacturing
  • Joe Reed- Current AAS-IT Student


Meeting Opening

Bill Hallock opened the meeting at 7:30 a.m. Following Bill, Chris Reber welcomed everyone and briefly spoke about renewable energy projects and partnerships in robotics.

Approval of May meeting Minutes

Dave Lott motioned to approve the meeting minutes. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Growth of Industrial Technology Program

  • Increased efforts in recruiting  to program and industry jobs
  • NAIT Accreditation
    • Future graduate survey planned to be formed
    • Advisory board luncheon with visiting accreditation team to discuss their involvement with the board and the program
    • Note of growth in interest in programs and growth of enrollment
    • Announcement of Penelec Open House for all interested students

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

Motion to nominate Bob Garrity to Chair, unanimously approved

Motion to nominate Randy Seitz to Vice Chair, unanimously approved

Discussion of NAIT Accreditation

  • Importance of hiring people holding certifications
  • Importance of Associate Degree vs. Certification only. Students will find that obtaining an Associate will be beneficial to them if they are uncertain about the level of education they will pursue in the future, such as going on towards a Bachelors level degree program.
  • Transferability of our program credits as well as articulation with other universities discussed.
  • Accreditation noted for building the reputation of our training programs.
  • Third party validation (from accreditation) gives students an advocate of their side.
  • Questions arose as to if NAIT has previously approved schools with our sort of unique partnership model.
  • Response was made that there are no other programs that utilize our unique partnership model that have obtained NAIT accreditation, but we are aligned with similar programs that have obtained accreditation.
  • It was noted that not having a community college in our area strengthens the need for our programs and use of our partnership model approach.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Connection of our degree program with jobs available.
    • Representatives of jobs in need present that need to students.
  • In response to the question of what we can be doing to reach out to students who are not “college bound”, it is noted that meetings with guidance councilors and career centers are held who in turn relay that information to their students or other interested parties.
  • Potential students need to be grabbed at an early age to keep them interested in opportunities within our programs; students will not be discouraged about taking a technical program route vs. a 4 year degree program.
  • Getting parents on board with manufacturing programs would greatly influence students to get excited out these opportunities.
  • Reaching out at local venues such as football games is a great opportunity to reach many parents and students; it also would get awareness and notice in the schools.
  • VTC career nights and summer career camps.
  • Grant money given to participate in career camp style training which guarantees participants who complete the program get an interview (Electralloy).
  • STEM Initiative meeting for our region 4-20-08. Pennsylvania is divided into 5 regions and has the funds to give grants.
  • Edu-Nomic development noted.  Follow up to be made with Randy Seitz.

Motion to approve Goals and Objective made. Motion approved.

Other Business

  • Need for list of acronyms and other terminology used.
  • Email for feedback on development of Bachelor degree will be sent out.

Motion to adjourn made. Motion approved.

The Advisory Board was asked to make any corrections needed to the Advisory Board chart.  Emails will be sent to the board members prior to the next meeting.