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State recommendations in 1925

Impetus for  physical plant improvements was provided through Governor Gifford Pinchot's Pennsylvania Educational Survey, published March 1925. The survey committee studying normal schools recommended the following improvements at Clarion.

  1. The city building now used as a training school for the primary grades is very unsatisfactory and should be replaced by the city or the State and city jointly. This building should be made large enough to include all the training school work for the school and release Science Hall (Founders Hall) for normal school classes.
  2. There is an immediate need for a new gymnasium to replace the small, dark, damp one now located under the chapel.
  3. The main building is over 60 years old and could well be one of the first to be replaced. When new equipment is added, such as that for the administration unit, it should be added for the idea of reusing it in the new building.
  4. The use of the third floor of this building as a boy's residence hall is unsatisfactory. A small separate building would house the men students. Such a building would cost little, provide much better quarters, and release space on the third floor for additional recitation rooms as long as that building was used.
  5. The erection of a separate residence for the Principal would release the entire second floor of Music Hall for classroom work. Provision of other faculty members, either in homes or small apartments, would release space to be used by additional girls.
  6. Stevens Hall, an old frame residence hall, should be replaced in the near future if this amount of residence hall facilities is needed. The building is settling badly and is in a state of decay calling for more repair work than the building would justify.
  7. Many rooms in Navarre Hall (Becht Hall) need replastering and painting. The old plastering in most of these rooms is too soft to justify covering with paint.
  8. The entire Science Hall (Founders Hall) needs reflooring.
  9. The winding stairs to the balcony in the chapel should be remodeled.
  10. Whenever there is more space available in the main building, accession and work rooms should be provided for the library.


Item one was satisfied through the erection of the training school (the new Stevens Hall in 1929); item two by the erection of Harvey Gymnasium (1932); the condition mentioned in item four was temporarily alleviated through the construction of Egbert Hall (1938); items six through nine were accomplished on a piecemeal basis from time to time; and item ten was satisfied through the erection of Carlson Library (1963). Item three, Seminary Hall, which "could well be one of the first to be replaced" was demolished in 1968 and item five, a new residence for the administrative head was completed in 1997 with the construction of the official university residence behind Still Hall.