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Honors Curriculum

Course Options:

Venango Honors students have two course options each semester.  They may choose to enroll in one of several Designated Honors courses or Honors Component Courses.  Designated Honors courses include: 

HON 129: Modes of Discourse

Honors 129 is an Honors course that is equivalent to ENG 111, Writing II, in terms of the General Education requirement that it fills.  But it is different from and more than ENG 111 in some exciting and important ways. Students in ENG 111 learn a number of critical reading, writing and thinking skills, the fundamentals of college writing and research writing.  While HON 129 students will learn and apply these same skills, they will do so in more advanced and sophisticated ways:  reading and discussing more interesting and challenging texts (including visual and audio-visual texts) and writing about these texts and our own ideas in a number of different ways.  HON 129 will challenge students to think independently and to express and support their own points of view effectively and rigorously.

HON 130: Special Topics: Humanities

Honors 130 is an interdisciplinary course in the Humanities.  It focuses on human values, beliefs, and accomplishments as expressed in art, music, literature, philosophy, and religion.

HON 130: Special Topics: Humanities

Banned and Challenged Literature and Film in the U.S. This Special Topics course will introduce students to 'classic' works of literature and film that have been challenged or banned within the U.S. in the 20th century, with a focus on understanding the historical and social forces involved in such challenges or bans as well as contemporary interpretations of the literature and film.

HON 240: Special Topics: Social Sciences

Honors 240 is an interdisciplinary course in the social sciences.  It focuses on human civilization from the perspective of the social scientists.