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Testimonial Quotes from Students

MMAJ Testimonial Quotes from Jessica Zelinsky

Zelinsky1. What did you find most interesting or useful in your program of
study? How do you plan to use you new M.S. degree?

I think the ability to work on homework and projects during my own time
is the most useful thing about this program.  Being able to work on my
own time allowed me to do other things including maintaining two jobs.

I plan on using my new M.S. degree in the advertising field.  I wish to
pursue a career in which I can use my creative mind to design and
implement ideas into action.

2. Describe you experience taking online classes. Was it positive,
negative or otherwise?  If you had a good experience, what was most
useful about this mode of instruction? Think about flexibility,
convenience, etc.

My experience with taking online classes has always been positive. 
With the ability to work on assignments at any time was convenient and
allowed me to pursue other activities and interests.

3. Comment briefly upon the quality of instruction you received. For
example, how well did the professors interact with you online?  Were
they supportive?  Did they work with you when unexpected issues came up?

The quality of instruction that I received from Clarion University's
Graduate Mass Media Arts & Journalism program was great!  The
professors that taught in this program are phenomenal. They were
helpful and understanding about technical and any other issues. 


thompson 2010 student testimonialsKate Thompson, age 25, York, Pennsylvania
Public Relations Coordinator, First Capital Engineering
2010 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Department of Communication
Master of Science in Mass Media Arts and Journalism    GPA: 4.0

"I really, really loved the flexibility of this program!  I was employed full-time as the communications manager for the York Revolution baseball team, so I basically worked around the clock.  But I was able to make it all work with this program."

"I had pretty much the best instructional experience I could have asked for.  Everything was well laid out ahead of time for each course, and the professors responded to my questions within 12 to 24 hours.  They were always there when I needed them."

"This degree program made me realize that I could do consulting work in public relations.  So far, I have created a set of public relations materials for The Bullfrog Food & Spirits in Quarryville, PA."

"My current employer, First Capital Engineering, had never done much public relations, so that's why they hired me.  The M.S. in MMAJ has helped me tremendously, especially in the area of conducting research for them."

"If you are considering earning an online degree, I would advise you to go for it!  Even if it's just one course at a time, it's definitely worth it in the end."