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Liberal Studies

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A Degree That Fits Your Life Today...While It Prepares You For Tomorrow

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies degree program at Venango College can help you earn the degree while exploring a range of academic skills and disciplines, creating your own major in an area of interest you enjoy. You will learn through a blended program of traditional classroom instruction and online courses that offers the best of both worlds to ensure a high quality, personalized educational experience and maximum schedule flexibility.

The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies is a great opportunity for students who:

  • want to earn a bachelor's degree for career advancement
  • have completed an associate degree through Clarion University-Venango Campus or another institution of higher education
  • have completed credits toward a bachelor's degree but never graduated. As many as 75 credits may be transferred toward this degree.

Upon successful completion of the 120-credit program, you will earn an Associate of Arts in Arts and Sciences degree and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies Degree. You'll have the freedom to choose from a variety of courses that include writing, math, liberal education, physical/biological science, social/behavioral science, arts/humanities, health and wellness, personal performance, general education, and arts and sciences.

Suggested Curriculum Sequence:

Year 1


Year 3

Semester 1

Semester 5
ENG 111 Writing II

ENG 307 Business Writing
MATH competency

PHIL 309 Philosophy and Film (online)
ES 111 Basic Earth Science

PHSC 112 Basic Physical Science: Physics & Astronomy
ART 110 Visual Arts

WS 300 Special Topics in Women's Studies (online)
PSY 211 General Psychology

CMST 216 Group Discussion

Semester 2

Semester 6
CIS 217 Applications of Microcomputers 

PSY 454 Personality
PHSC 111 Basic Physical Science:  Chemistry

GEOG 257 Geography of the US and Canada
PS 211 American Government

PHIL 308 Contemporary Ethical Issues (online)
ENG 130 The Literary Experience

CMST 320 Communication and Gender (online)
HIST 113 Modern Civilization, 1789 to the Present

PSY 340 Psychology of Women

Year 2

Year 4

Semester 3

Semester 7
PHIL 111 Logic I - Critical Thinking

PSY 355 Social Psychology
CMST 113 Public Speaking

ENG 228 Modern & Contemporary World Literature
SOC 211 Principles of Sociology

PHIL 357 Philosophy and Feminism (online)
BIOL 111 Basic Biology

PHSC 320 History of the Physical Sciences (online)
MUS 111 Introduction to Music 

CMST 200 Interpersonal Communication

Semester 4

Semester 8
CHEM 311 Drugs: From Discovery to Market (online)
PSY 325 Community Psychology
PHIL 211 Introduction to Philosophy

ENG 365 Images of Women in Literature (online)
MMAJ 340 Newswriting (online)

ENG 339 Short Stories
HIST 121 US History Since 1877

***  Free Elective at any level
PSY 260 Developmental Psychology

HPE Personal performance