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Converting to MP3 in iTunes


How to Convert Audio Files to MP3 using iTunes

Step 1 - Download iTunes

You can download iTunes free for the Mac and PC. Most new Macs have iTunes already installed. For information on downloading visit Apple's iTunes download site. You should have a Windows XP/Vista or Macintosh OS X computer.


Step 2 - Set Preferences in iTunes (see example of settings)

  • On the menu bar select iTunes>Edit>Preferences
  • Select the GENERAL icon at the top of the window
  • Select IMPORT SETTINGS near the middle of the dialog box.
  • At the "Import Using" drop down select "MP3 Encoder."
  • At the "Setting" drop down select GOOD QUALITY (128 kbps) since this is just a voice file and does not need to be high quality (which makes a larger file)
  • Click OK.

Step 3 - Copy Audio File to iTunes

  • With iTunes open click on the LIBRARY icon
  • Drag the audio file from your desktop onto the iTunes library list
  • It will appear at the bottom of the list of files
  • If you are copying a file from a CD, you may need to use the Import feature and drag the imported audio file to the LIBRARY.

Step 4 - Convert and Save

If you did not set iTunes Preferences to automatically convert imported files, follow the instuctions below.

  • Click on the audio file you copied to the iTunes library
  • Go to the menu bar and select ADVANCED
  • A new file will appear in your library with the same name but as an MP3
  • If you click once on the file and select FILE>GET INFO you will see its attributes

Step 5 - Saving the MP3 File to Your Computer

  • Locate the MP3 file you copied to the iTunes library
  • Click and drag this file to your computer desktop or other storage location
  • MP3 version of the file is now saved to your storage area

Step 6 - Uploading the MP3 File to Desire2Learn