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Safe Computing - Protect Personal Information

You should NEVER provide your password or other sensitive information to someone via e-mail and you should never follow web links is a suspicious message!

Please note that Clarion University will never ask you to send or verify your password information via e-mail!  We are continuing to receive reports about password scam attempts being sent to Clarion accounts.   You should NEVER provide your password or other sensitive information to someone via e-mail.    If in doubt, use caution and Do NOT Reply, Do NOT Open Attachments, and Do NOT Follow Links in a Suspicious Message. 

If you have questions about a particular Clarion message, please contact the Clarion University Center for Computing Services ( or x2640) for assistance.

Please protect your personal information – be suspicious when your receive unsolicited e-mails or phone calls. Watch out for e-mails claiming to be from universities, retailers, banks, or government agencies that threaten to close accounts or require you to “confirm” personal information.  

See our Phishing Scam Examples page for samples of past scam messages.  Watch out for scam messages that claim to be from Clarion, a “web team”, or a technology help desk..  The scams all ask for a reply with your password or follow-up via an embedded link to verify your information (the link leads to a malicious web site that may even attempt to look like a Clarion site).  You should NEVER provide your password to someone via e-mail or follow a link in a suspicious message.

For additional information on e-mail scams, please see our Safe Computing - Phishing Scams page.