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Catalog: Industrial Technology

Department of Applied Technology

Associate of Applied Science: Industrial Technology

The Department of Applied Technology was created to address high-priority workforce development needs in the region. Students will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Technology from Clarion University. Clarion University will provide the core curriculum of general education and business courses. The technical component of the degree will be provided by licensed, certified, accredited, or otherwise approved technical education partners.

Each program concentration of the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology degree consists of a combination of multiple courses targeting specific skills commonly used in the industry, as well as general education and business courses. Students will be instructed in essential workplace technology and techniques while studying at their respective technical training partner locations (Precision Manufacturing Institute, Triangle Tech, The Learning Center, National Hardwood Lumber Association, Ravotti Air, Global Powerline Academy, or Erie Institute of Technology.). The remaining educational requirements of the program will be completed at Venango College and are outlined below.


The Industrial Technology program was awarded national accreditation by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) on November 10, 2009, at the ATMAE Board of Accreditation hearing in Louisville, Ky. ATMAE is recognized as the premier professional association for the accreditation of industrial technology programs in colleges, universities, and technical institutes.

The organization is also responsible for the promotion of industrial technology in business, industry, education, and government, as well as certification of industrial technologists and recognition of their continued professional development.

ATMAE accreditation ensures that the university has met a series of national standards to provide industry with highly competent employees and assures the graduate of an ATMAE-accredited program that they are receiving a marketable degree through relevant curricula. Clarion University's Industrial Technology program's accreditation followed a rigorous and comprehensive evaluation process, which included a three-day on site visit by an ATMAE team of external reviewers in April, 2009.

The mission of the Department of Applied Technology at Venango College of Clarion University:

To provide students with comprehensive technical education and academic skills that match the needs of our community and the employers of our region.

The vision of the Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology degree:

To ensure that students completing the program are provided with an opportunity to secure employment in their area of concentration with the educational background to advance into supervisory positions or are able to further their education at other institutions of higher learning.

Overall Program Goals:

1. Ensure that programs of study remain current with industry standards

2. Provide accessibility of the program to all students

3. Provide the highest quality atmosphere for instruction

4. Ensure graduates are prepared to find gainful employment in their technical area

5. Ensure a safe learning experience

6. Prepare students for the opportunity to continue their formal education

7. To provide a facility on campus where students can complete their technical education with our current technical partners


Natural Gas Derrick

Core Requirements:

The following curriculum is to be completed by all Associate of Applied Science degree seeking majors and is the foundation for all Technical Concentrations within the Industrial Technology Program.

General Education: Complete the following 7 courses to equal 20 credits

ENG 111, MATH 112, CIS 217, PHSC 112, ECON 211 OR 212, CMST 113, HPE 111,

Industrial Technology Major: Complete the following 4 courses to equal 12 credits

MGMT 120, MGMT 320, BSAD 240, INDT 301

Technical Courses: Industrial Field Training (APT 299) 28 credits

Students will select from the list of concentrations listed below, and complete up to 28 credits of technical education in their selected area of emphasis. The specific courses needed for each concentration can be found at

Technical Concentrations

Biomedical Equipment Technology

CADD - Architectural

CADD - Mechanical

Carpentry & Construction Technology

CNC Machinist

CNC Operator

CNC/Machinist Technician

Electric Utility Technology

Electrical Arc Welding

Electricity - Maintenance & Construction

Electronics Engineering Technology

Electronics Technician

Hardwood Lumber Inspector

Industrial Automation and Robotics Technology

Maintenance Technician

Mechatronics Technology


Natural Gas Technology

Network & Database Professional

Professional Pilot

Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


Welding & Fabrication Technology


Total Credits needed for Graduation: 60 credits