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How do I know if my department has "User Codes" enabled?

If you are required to enter a "User" code at the Ricoh console then you have "User Codes" enabled.

How do I print if my department Ricoh MFP has "User Codes" enabled?

Follow the instructions for "User Code" enabled "User Code Enabled" Ricohs

How do I print if my department Ricoh does not use "User Codes"?

Follow the instructions for Ricoh's without "User Codes" Non-User Code Enabled Ricohs

How do I keep my prints for just printing out on their own?

Follow the instructions for "Hold Prints".

How can I secure my prints so no one can release them or see them?

Follow the instructions for "Locked Prints".

Is the Ricoh MFPs set to be my default printer?

Ricoh MFPs are currently set as optional printers only.

How do I know what printer in my optional printers is Ricoh?

You will see a print driver in your list of optional printers starting with \\durango\building name  room name

How do I change from Black and White to Color or visa-versa?

a.  File, Print, Properties, Setup, Color/Black and White
b.  Select Color from available options on drop down options.

What type of labels should I use on my Ricoh? Use either:
1. Avery #5160 or #5206 (Laser based Printer Labels)
2. Office Max #OM99060 (Laser based Printer Labels)
What type of transparancies should I use on my Ricoh? 3M brand (PP2950)