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University Advising Services Center serves as the primary source for all undecided and liberal studies academic advising. The office provides drop-in academic advising to all university students. Advising Services also serves as a resource for all faculty for professional development and answers to advising questions.



To assist students in their academic growth and development; promote advisor-advisee relationships characterized by trust, mutual respect, and openness; and establish a climate of purposeful learning which maximizes student growth and minimizes student withdrawal.


Advisor/Advisee Roles and Responsibilities

Advisee should:

  1. Keep in touch with advisor

  2. Make and keep appointments or call if changing an appointment

  3. Come with specific questions in mind

  4. Ask about other sources of information

  5. Be open concerning academic work, study habits, academic progress, etc.

  6. Build a class schedule which meets necessary academic requirements and is free of time conflicts

  7. Make decisions concerning careers, choice of majors, and selection of courses

Advisor should:

  1. Post office hours

  2. Keep appointments or call if it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment

  3. Provide accurate and specific information

  4. Suggest other sources of information

  5. Listen and help solve problems

  6. Check schedule for appropriate selection of courses

  7. Suggest options concerning careers, choice of majors, and selection of courses