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The division of sociology offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology, a minor in sociology, and a minor in social work.


The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology 

As a social science, sociology is concerned with problems of stability and change in human societies. Through a flexible course of study, students acquire an understanding of basic concepts, principles, theories and research in the field of sociology. Emphasis is directed toward developing in students a strong knowledge base as well as how that knowledge is acquired and how it might be applied to further our understanding of social life and social problems.

Major Course Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology

The Interdisciplinary program in Sociology/Psychology, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, is administered jointly by the Departments of Sociology and Psychology. The degree was developed to provide a complementary course of study for students interested primarily in social and human service fields, as well as those wishing to pursue graduate training in social work leading to a master’s degree in that field.  To read more...


Sociology Minor 

Sociology, by its very nature, touches upon numerous other disciplines, some quite centrally.  Often, students select a range of sociology courses to round out their undergraduate programs and augment their major field of study.  The sociology minor provides students with a basic understanding of social relationships, social interaction and social institutions.

Minor Course Requirements

Social Work Minor

Minor Course Requirements