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Cooperative Education Internship Programs

If you are seeking valuable skills, experiences, and connections that may one day help you land a job, the following co-ops and internships may be of interest to you.


COOP 302:  Co-op/Philosophy

Description:  Philosophy COOP 302 is based upon job assignments which are related to the student's major and/or career objectives.  Faculty coordinators advise students, review learning objectives, and evaluate term reports. Cooperative education procedures are sufficiently flexible to provide for student and employer needs.  The program is designed to enhance self-realization and direction by integrating classroom study with planned and supervised experiences in education, professional, business, and cultural learning situations outside the formal classroom environment. The joint efforts of faculty, participating employers, and students are directed toward the achievement of an educational experience where classroom studies and appropriate work experience combine to reinforce each other.

Prerequisite: Junior standing, minimum QPA 2.5. or approval of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

COOP 402: Intern/Philosophy

Description:  Philosophy COOP 402 is usually a culminating experience for seniors.  Internships operate somewhat like student teaching, with the emphasis upon application of knowledge in a realistic setting rather than acquisition of new material.  In other words, internships are begun with most entry level skills at least partially developed, and the intern is expected to render supervised professional services.  The length of an internship may be less than a semester or as long as a year.  Many internships carry no salary or stipend.

Prerequisite:  Senior Standing and a QPA of at least 2.5 or approval of the Dean of Arts and Sciences.

The Harrisburg Internship Semester ("THIS")

"THIS" is a prestigious and  paid internship in which the student gains an applied understanding of how Pennsylvania state government operates and by interning with a branch of government related to his or her major.  Each semester, students from schools in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education are selected to take part in this valuable program.  The student selected from Clarion University each semester receives a stipend which covers room and board, tuition, and most travel expenses while completing 15 credits in independent study and cooperative education.  Sophomore or junior students from any major will be considered as long as their overall quality-point average is 3.00 or above.  This internship is particularly valuable for those individuals interested in government work, graduate school, or a legal career.  Applications for each academic year are solicited during the previous Spring Semester.  For more information visit:

Institute for Experiential Learning - The Capital Experience

Graduate or Undergraduate students who are chosen for this opportunity must have a 2.5 GPA, and are awarded a full semester's worth of credit.  Each intern works for four days per week in government agencies, businesses, and law firms, for example, and are usually affiliated with the intern's major field of study.  One day per week, the intern attends two seminars: the experiential education seminar, which allows the group of interns to discuss the activities in their internships, and an elective seminar, which is chosen from a current list.  Interns can reside in a housing complex or individual apartments in Northern Virginia, and financial aid is applicable to this internship.  For more information, visit, or write to:

Institute for Experiential Learning
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 707
Washington, D.C. 20006

Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program in Washington

The institute for Experiential Learning(IEL) announces a new educational endeavor, the Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars internship program in Washington, DC.   Students accepted for the Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars program will participate first hand in the operations of the diplomatic and international community in Washington.  For example, in embassies they may do research, write press releases, and compose reports on congressional hearings and legislation; promote trade and foreign investment; or prepare for cultural events and high-level visits.  In the Department of State they may research emergent international issues; write reports for senior officials; or follow the development of international-related legislation in the Congress and help prepare official testimony.  Further, all interns will have an unequaled opportunity to improve their language skills as well as their cross-cultural communications ability.  Students work four days a week and attend two academic seminars the fifth day, and most earn a full semester's academic credit for the experience.  For more information, visit, or write to:

Institute for Experiential Learning
1901 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 707
Washington, D.C. 20006

The Washington Center for Internships

College Plus One is The Washington Center's internship program for recent college graduates.  It is a program that lasts 10 weeks in the summer or 12 weeks in the fall and spring-just enough time for participants to get their foot in the door or the experience they need to go to the next step of their career.  The Washington Center also offers special academic seminar programs that can help students along their career.  These seminars are a great advantage for students particularly liberal arts and communications majors. For more information: contact Dr. Mary Jo Reef, e-mail, visit, or write to:

 The Washington Center
 For Internships and Academic Seminars
 2000 M. Street NW, Suite 750
 Washington DC, 20036

Additional Opportunities

For additional internship opportunities such as The Capital Semester Internship Program and the Pennsylvania Management Internship Program, visit