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Three major assets of a major in philosophy are:
    1)  It develops the individual's intellectual awareness
    2)  It sensitizes the individual to diversity of interpretations
    3)  It develops the individual's ability to analyze complex materials quickly and accurately.
         This is sustained by the high performances of philosophy majors on the GRE and the LSAT

Career Options in Philosophy

As pointed out by the American Philosophical Association, "...employers want, and reward, many of the capacities which the study of philosophy develops: for instance, the ability to solve problems, to communicate, to organize ideas and issues, to assess pros and cons, and to boil down complex data."  Philosophy majors can be found in most professions, including:

  • Law

  • Education

  • Computer Science

  • Management

  • Publishing

  • Ministry

Philosophy Majors in Their Careers

Many students and parents ask what can be done with a bachelor's degree in philosophy.  The following list of some well known people with philosophy degrees should help answer that question.


Mary Higgins Clark - writer
William Clinton - U.S. president
Mario Cuomo - politician & former governor of New York
Angela Davis - activist & political philosopher
John Elway - quarterback, NFL
Ken Follett - writer
Harrison Ford - actor
Matt Groening - Creator of "The Simpsons"
Phil Jackson - coach, L.A. Lakers
Thomas Jefferson - U.S. president
Martin Luther King Jr. - minister & civil rights leader
Bruce Lee - martial arts & actor
Jay Leno - comedian & Tonight Show host    
Amy Madigan - actress
Steve Martin - comedian & actor
James Michener - writer
Dennis Miller - comedian
Iris Murdoch - writer
Stone Phillips - News
Susan Sarandon - actress
Mike Schmidt - former Philadelphia Philly
Alexander Solzhenitsin - writer
Gene Siskel - movie critic
Herbert Simon - economist & Nobel laureate
David Souter - Supreme Court Justice
Elie Wiesel - writer & Nobel Peace Prize winner