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HON 131



Taken: Spring semester of freshman year.

Spring 2011: Classic Works

Faculty: Brent Register, Ph.D.

Course Description:
The goal of HON 131: "Classic Works Requirement" is to expose students to some works that represent the foundational works of literature, theatre, visual art, film, and music in the western and other cultures that have influenced - and continue to influence - our basic assumptions about the world.

HON 131 will not overtly discuss the importance of the arts, nor will it teach students to be artists; however, it is the hope that HON 131 will reinforce the value of arts in students' lives. It is a 100% self-motivated, values-driven course. The intent of HON 131 is to help students develop a life-long habit of seeking out the best and most influential works of human creativity and thought for careful study, and to create habits where they attend regularly arts events: theatre, music, dance, film festivals, museums, galleries, etc, which serves to only enrich their lives.

The premise of this course is simple. Students attend/read a set number of events, responding to several of these in writing which are added to their Honors portfolio. Additionally, students respond to a discussion question posted each week. These questions are considered to be "hot" topics in the arts, many of which there are no clear-cut answers, and often no "right" or "wrong."