D2L Updates

Brightspace by D2L logo

You will begin to see "Brightspace" branding when navigating Clarion's and D2L's faculty or student resource pages. The learning management system that Clarion University has always called Desire2Learn or D2L, has been re-branded as Brightspace. The company now officially refers to itself as D2L (rather than Desire2Learn) and Brightspace encompasses the company's full suite of products that make up their integrated learning platform.

You will see "D2L Brightspace" and the Brightspace logo in training and informational materials. More information can be found in the Brightspace Community

Continuous Delivery releases

D2L/Brightspace provides monthly updates to the Learning Environment. Click any date below to view a PDF of detailed changes with screen shots. For 2017 updates, please click the 2017 release notes title below. Please contact ltcsupport@clarion.edu, or call 814-393-1848 with any questions.

2019 Release Notes

January 2019/ 10.8.9 Release (1-28-2019)

2018 Release Notes

December 2018/ 10.8.8 Release (12-19-18)

November 2018/ 10.8.7 Release (11-22-18)

October 2018/ 10.8.6 Release (10-18-18)

September 2018/ 10.8.5 Release (9-19-18)

August 2018/ 10.8.4 Release (8-21-18)

July 2018/ 10.8.3 Release (7-19-18)

July 9, 2018 (New quiz question Experience "Opt-In")

June 2018/ 10. 8. 2 Release (6-22-18) 
Updates include BrightSpace mobile platform, copy course content, grades linked discussions threads, groups interface, emoticons in the HTML editor, question pool replaces random sections in quizzes, and various updates in rubrics. 

May 2018 / 10.8.1 Release (5-17-18)
Updates include locking the name column and header row in Grades, improvements to the Manage Dates tool, and a new interface for previewing Rubrics. 

April 2018 / 10.8.0 Release (4-19-18)
Updates include changes to discussion assessmentimprovements to the Manage Dates tool, updates to the grades feedback tool, and assignments grading with rubrics.

March 2018 / 10.7.11 Release (3-16-2018)
Updates include a LaTeX editor added in the HTML Editor area of Quizzes and a new Manage Due Dates area to the Manage Dates tool. 

February 2018 / 10.7.10 Release (2-20-2018)
Updates include Quiz Question Library New Questions Import Workflow, Advanced Image Editing in the HTML Editor, Self-Enrollment to Groups Quicklink, and Due Dates for Quizzes. 

January 2018 / 10.7.9 Release (1-8-2018)
Updates include Quiz confirmation removal button and Question Library New Question Import Workflow

2017 Release Notes

December 2017 / 10.7.8 Release (12-7-2017)
Updates include an Exemption update in User Progress and improvements to the My Courses widget in the Daylight Experience.

November 2017 / 10.7.7 Release (11-16-2017)
Updates include a Grade Exemption Expansion. 

October 2017 / 10.7.6 Release (10-8-2017)
Updates include an Exempt Users in Bulk Edit for the Grades area of D2L. 

September 2017 / 10.7.5 Release (9-28-2017)
Updates include a new .csv upload template and review of uploaded questions in the Question Library. 

August 2017 / 10.7.4 Release (8-24-2017)
Updates include changing the visibility of an Assignment folder in the Assignments area and the Content area. 

July 2017 / 10.7.3 Release (7-14-2017) 
Updates include a prompt when copying and pasting from Microsoft Word into the HTML Editor, an Unsaved Changes prompt when navigating away from the HTML editor without saving changes, and the new Shuffle the Order of Questions in Quizzes. 

June 2017 / 10.7.2 Release (6-6-2017)
Updates include the export of Group and Section Enrollments when exporting grades. 

May 2017 / 10.7.1 Release (5-20-17)
Updates include copying Final Grade properties from one course to another, posting Group Discussion Threads to more than one group at a time, and the Quiz HTML editor. 

April 2017 / Release (4-21-17) 
Updates include an accessibility checker in the HTML editor and the changing of the name from "Long Answer" questions in quizzes to "Written Response"

March 2017 / 10.6.11 Release (3-17-17) 
Updates include the ability to Exempt learners from multiple grade items.

February 2017 / 10.6.10 Release (2-17-17)
Updates include the Math Editor in the Quizzes tool so that instructors can see their equation inline while editing their work. 

January 2017 / 10.6.9 Release (1-20-17)
Updates include the Auto Release of Final Calculated Grades.

Last Updated 1/28/19