Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is the process of recording audio and video content and making it available in digital format for students to view online.

Getting started

  1. Identify the need and learning objectives for your lecture capture/screen recording.
  2. After reviewing the available tools, contact the LTC to discuss which will best meet your objectives.
  3. Identify equipment needs (microphone, camera, etc. - note: most laptops have a built-in mic and camera)
  4. The LTC has a some equipment that can be borrowed for short-term (iTep)
  5. Record your screen capture or video.
  6. Save and upload to Clarion's Mediasite* server (Upload instructions).
  7. Alternatively, upload short videos to a D2L course using the Content tool (Adding Content). 

* Mediasite requires a course folder. Contact the Learning Technology Center at x1848 for more information.

Capture Tools

The screen and lecture-capture tools below are fully-supported by the Learning Technology Center (LTC) in the Center for Computing Services. All of these tools feature Pause/Stop playback controls for the viewer. A few have some editing capabilities. In addition, the LTC has several devices available for loan that can be used for recording. To discuss which option will best fit your needs, and for an overview or introductory training, please call the LTC at x1848 or contact ltcsupport@clarion.edu.

Mediasite – This classroom-based tool makes it possible for instructors to record their lectures while they deliver them live in-class. The lectures can viewed later by students as a review or study guide. All video and audio sources in the classroom (doc cam, computer, DVD) are recorded as well as the instructor camera. There are four rooms on campus for recording; all equipment is provided and a student tech is scheduled to run the equipment. To view your recordings, students must login to Mediasite. You must schedule recording time through itvsupport@clarion.edu . Mediasite can also be used to upload and store videos created with another tool.

Zoom – is a web-based, high quality, video conferencing and collaboration tool that is available to current Clarion University faculty, staff, and students for instructional and administrative use. Use this tool to record a lecture from your desktop or record your online virtual classroom/meeting for later playback. You can record to the cloud or save it to your computer as an MP4. Videos can be imported to you D2L course or a Mediasite folder. Zoom can be found in your D2L course navigation and allows for the most two-way interaction between instructor and student. Recordings, captures video, and audio as well as chat, screen, and file-sharing making Zoom a robust recording option from the privacy of office or home. Also ideal for guest presenters in an online course.

Video Note - This tool is within D2L and is ideal for creating short welcome , introductory, or course overview videos. All that is required is a webcam and mic. Recording time is limited to a maximum of three minutes. Video Notes can be created via D2L's Insert stuff icon within the html editor and anywhere that file attachments are enabled.

MS Office Mix - This free PowerPoint add-in allows you to narrate and annotate a PowerPoint presentation along with your webcam (optional) or record your screen. Convert the recording to mp4 and upload to D2L or Mediasite. This add-in is only available for Windows systems with Office 2013 or higher. Please contact the help desk at x2640 with your CSID # to have Office Mix installed. In addition, you  can download free on a personal computer using a Microsoft account.    Office Mix step-by-step Tutorials   |   Help guide (PDF)

QuickTime – This tool is a free recording solution for university Mac users. It comes installed on OS 10.6 and higher and can be used to record audio + screen capture. Using QuickTime's Save for Web feature, your recording is optimized for upload to your D2L course or Mediasite.   How to use QuickTime

Camtasia Studio – This robust software allows you to create, edit and share recordings. While Camtasia Studio is not currently available through a campus license, it is available for faculty use in the LTC's Clarion and Venango Offices along with a microphone and webcam. Recordings can be uploaded to D2L or Mediasite.

Lecture capture Tools Matrix of Features

Required equipment: You will need a microphone at a minimum for the desktop capture tools, while a webcam is optional. To use Mediasite, you must contact the Learning Technology Center at ltcsupport@clarion.edu or call x1848.

Training and tech support will be provided for all lecture capture options. 

Last Updated 7/31/18