Academic Excellence Series

2015 Academic Excellence Series
A Celebration of University Recognition and Scholarship
April 18 - 30

Clarion University annually holds an Academic Excellence Week/Series. The Academic Excellence Series is sponsored by Clarion University and its purpose is to honor faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students on the research and academic endeavors that they have completed throughout the academic year.

"We are glad to continue this program and it is very fitting at this time of year because it allows us to honor and recognize the students and all their work that they have accomplished throughout the entirety of the academic year"

—Dr. Brenda Sanders Dede

Clarion University's 10th Annual Academic Excellence Series

Saturday, April 18

Sunday, April 19

Honor conferred on those who, at the beginning of their college careers, give promise of continues excellence in scholarship.

The world's largest collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines.

Monday, April 20

Recognizing excellence of civic engagement in the community

Tuesday, April 21

By Invitation Only

Wednesday, April 22

Honors students present their capstone projects.

Thursday, April 23

Undergraduate and Graduate Student research presentations funded by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Recognition of faculty and staff research, scholarship, professional development, and external grants and creative endeavors. - Program

Sunday, April 26

The nation’s oldest, largest and most selective honor society for all academic discipline.

Syed Ali-Zaidi nominees and outstanding graduate students. - Program

Wednesday, April 29

In recognition of students who have excelled in their military duties and academic studies throughout he 2014-2015 academic year.

Thursday, April 30

Recognizing scholarship recipients. donors and high-achieving students.

Students with Disabilities honor society.


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