TRiO Support Programs

What is Trio Student Support Services?

Students admitted to the TRiO Student Support Services Program are provided with an array of services which may include study skills assistance, academic advising, financial literacy training, and career and financial aid counseling.

During the academic year, workshops and on-going services which focus on academic survival and learning-to-learn activities are offered.

The services provided are individually designed and are based on the student's needs as identified by appropriate documentation and through discussions with the program staff. Student accepted into the program must meet eligibility requirements established by the institution and the United States Department of Education.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility includes any student enrolled or accepted for enrollment at Clarion University who meets the following requirements:
1. Is a first-generation college student (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree); or
2. Meets income guidelines as outlined by the United States Department of Education; and/or
3. Has a documented disability; and/or is in need of academic support services as demonstrated by grade average, class rank, College Board scores, or quality-point average achieved while enrolled at Clarion plus any relevant information.

Contact information

Trio is located at 119 Ralston Hall from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The following are Trio contacts.

Shelly Silvis, Director
104 Ralston Hall

Maria Aiello, Academic Counselor
116 Ralston Hall

Michele Pedlow, Academic Counselor
105 Ralston Hall

Joni Kifer
, Secretary
219 Ralston Hall


Important links

These links were selected to provide you with a broad range of information necessary to complete the last step of your college education and that is finding a job. This extensive list of resources will assist you in all the steps necessary for entering the workplace.

First scan down the bolded topics, making notes as to what categories pertain to you. Would you like to work someplace warm? The section about relocation is a good place to start in terms of areas, housing, and services. Did you know that even your auto rates will change depending upon where you live? The same goes for the career and resumes sites: many offer the same types of information, such as resume writing, job searching or interviewing, only using different approaches and examples. Look at several and make a note of which ones appeal to you. The financial sites offer a broad range of topics from budgeting to buying or leasing a car. I strongly encourage that you visit a number of them when looking for specific information.

While we are in the generation of technology, the experts say that you should not rely completely on posting your resume and waiting for things to happen. It is you that is going to make things happen, which is exactly why doing research like this is so important. Read through the different categories and spend some time surfing the areas below. Keep a notebook handy and jot down specific websites or information that you feel are important to your situation. Develop your own strategic plan, whether it is to stay in Pennsylvania or move out of state. Tip: keep a notebook and track where and when you post your resume.

If you have specific questions about preparing for your entry into the professional world, call and set up an appointment with your TRIO Academic Counselor, or you can call Clarion's Career Services for an individual appointment.

Career information/jobs

• Clarion University Career Services Center is here to help you build your resume and get you on the path to a successful career. You may submit your resume electronically for review to To schedule a mock interview call the Career Services office for an appointment (814) 393-2323.
• The Bureau of Labor contains information on salaries, employment outlook and job outlook.

Business Etiquette

• For information on international business etiquette.
• For information on email etiquette.
• For information on etiquette including meals.

Relocation Resources

Salary and moving calculator
Apartments across the country
• Compares cities and cost of living

Social networking sites

• Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

Diversity jobs

Black Collegian
LGBT Opportunities
Latino Opportunities
National Association of Asian American Professionals
Hispanic Bilingual Professional
The Premier Latino Professional Network

Dressing for success

Dressing for success
Assistance for low-income women

Individuals with disabilities

Riley Guide
We Connect Now
Job Access
Enable America
Disability Jobs


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