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English majors work with critical, creative, and rhetorical applications of language. Graduates find careers in, for example, education, publishing, digital publishing, marketing, public relations, journalism, public and private research, and sales. Discover the world that awaits you with this degree.

     Degrees offered:


Entering Freshman - The Gilbert Neiman Scholarship
Second-Semester Sophomores - The Gilbert Neiman Scholarship
The English Alumni Endowed Junior Scholarship
The Joseph F. and Susannah Centorcelli Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Bodziock
Dr. Uraina Pack
Dr. Melissa Downes
Dr. Ellen Foster
Dr. Janet Knepper
Dr. Brian Roberts
Dr. Richard Lane
Dr. Annette Rosati
Dr. Ralph Leary
Dr. Deborah Sarbin
Dr. Herbert Luthin
Dr. Juanita Smart
Dr. Philip Terman
Dr. Christopher McCarrick
Dr. Kathleen Welsch
Dr. Leah Chambers
Dr. Renae Shawgo


Office is located -  202 Davis Hall            
Open  8 am to 4 pm
Phone number
  814 393 2482             
Fax Number 814 393 1642

It is our mission to help you develop competitive skills for school and work, to make you part of a learning community proud of our intellectual curiosity and global awareness, and to open your eyes to new horizons and new dreams in professional and personal growth by introducing you to other cultures and peoples.

For those students who have studied French or Spanish, taking the Clarion University Language Placement exam is strongly recommended. For access and instructions to the online exam, please contact Dr. Katy O'Donnell ( or Ms. Sue Gourley (

     Degrees offered:

Study Abroad - French

Dr. Kathleen O'Donnell
Dr. Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan
Dr. Yun Shao

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