Middle Level Education - Ranked #1 in Pennsylvania
     Early Childhood Education - Ranked #2 in Pennsylvania
          Special Education - Ranked #9 in Pennsylvania
               Elementary Education - Ranked #11 in Pennsylvania

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88% of graduates who completed a BSE during the 2015-16 academic year earned certification through the Pennsylvania Department of Education!

The School of Education, which is now housed under the newly created College of Arts, Education and Sciences, was developed to renew the way education courses are delivered. The commitment to a quality education degree at Clarion remains the same.

We offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate certification programs in the educational fields. These programs are taught by an esteemed faculty ensuring your place among the elite professionals in your chosen profession.

A key aspect of the School of Education is its field experience. The students have multiple field experiences that are intentionally diverse, with exposure to rural schools, larger schools and parochial schools.

Other recent experiences have included field work at Cook Forest, McKeever Environmental Education Center, and the Elk Country Visitors Center in Benezette.

badgeOur programs are nationally recognized for the exceptional preparation of our undergraduate students. Our teacher candidates have a 94 to 100 percent pass rate on exams.

Clarion students are sought regionally, as well as from afar. For example, Clarion's education department has a partnership with Broward County Schools in Florida. Last fall, three Clarion students completed their student teaching in Broward County; the school system offered a job to one student before she graduated. Our graduates are teaching in many states across the country from Alaska, Arizona, Kansas and Virginia, to name a few. 

Admission to teacher preparation programs:

All undergraduate education and special education majors must be formally admitted to the School of Education prior to registering for field experience block classes.  Admission requirements are as follows:

  • 3.0 QPA
  • Current clearances on file
  • Basic skills tests (PAPA or CORE) passed and scores submitted
      (exemption possible based on SAT Scores)
  • Program admission form completed and submitted to the Field Services Office

 For additional questions, please contact Clarion's Admissions office.

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