Department of Computer Information Science

Clarion's Computer Information Science Department is comprised of faculty who have many years of real-world and classroom experience. Students have the opportunity to design, manage and secure systems for mobile, web, desktop and mainframe platforms. Programming languages include C#, Java, C++, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Prolog and others. At Clarion, you will get the full attention of the faculty who are in the classroom and in the labs helping students learn. There is a high demand for people to come join the ranks of the technology professionals who are quietly changing the world.
New merit scholarship programs are available to recognize the academic achievement of high school seniors entering Clarion.

Computer Information Science Programs

The Computer Information Science (CIS) Department offers the following programs

What our students say

Computer Information Science Careers

Jobs in information technology are ranked in the "Best Jobs in America" by Money Magazine year after year. In fact, in 2014, information technology jobs claimed the top two spots and seven of the top 30 jobs! In 2015, IT jobs claimed four of the top 11.  Number three is software developer which is the focus of our computer science major and numbers seven and eight are computer systems analyst and IT security analyst which is core to our information systems major. 

Students graduate from our programs with a solid education and get good jobs with outstanding employers such as Raytheon, PNC Bank, Minitab, DataForma, Remote Database Experts, and Future POS. Graduates can also be found in successful positions in local schools, banks and small businesses, as well as government positions.


George Lewis Scholarship - These scholarships are made available to deserving students in computer science. The scholarship is renewable through four years, provided that students meet the required academic standards.

Elizabeth Ross AITP Scholarship - Annual scholarships are awarded to AITP members majoring in Computer Science or Information Systems. Selection is based on academic record and contribution to AITP.

CIS Department Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded annually to a computer science or information systems major based on academic excellence and participation in university and community activities.

Other Computer Information Science Scholarships  

Department Contacts

Dr. Jon O'Donnell, Chair
130 Becker
+1 814 393 2320

Ms. Nancy Harriger, Secretary
130 Becker
+1 814 393 2442

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