Colleges and Schools

Clarion University is home to three unique colleges. These colleges were recently revamped to create dynamic relationships and synergy among similar programs.

 The College of Arts, Education and Sciences welcomed the new School of Education into its mix. The idea of the School of Education living in the College of Arts and Sciences isn’t a foreign concept to education majors, who spend a great deal of time fulfilling arts and sciences general education requirements.

 The College of Business Administration and Information Sciences is now home to the School of Information Sciences. Demand for jobs in business and information sciences continues to grow. It’s only natural that these two to co-exist. Information Sciences is a natural fit with business since technology is becoming increasingly important in the business world.

 Venango College now houses the School of Health. Venango College has always been known for its accredited health programs and its new Allied Health programs. With the School of Health being officially under Venango College, programs like Communication Sciences and Disorders and Rehabilitative Sciences have a home that better fits its overall goals.


Clarion ranked as one of the best colleges for your money

Best College For Your MoneyAccording to MONEY magazine’s website, Clarion is one of its Best Colleges for your money!

It’s great news for us – but what does it mean?  MONEY looked at 1,500 four-year colleges, less than half of which met criteria for key positive indicators, such as an above-average six-year graduation rate. MONEY then ranked on 18 factors in three categories: Quality of Education, Affordability and Outcomes.   

For a full description of MONEY’s methodology, click here.

Last Updated 12/15/15