Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary degree program in which students can complete a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies in Athletic Training and Athletic Coaching.

Information can be found at the career resource center to help find the right sports career for you.


  Athletic training is no longer a career for just
  working with traditional athletes.  The job
  market for athletic training is expanding
  now working in many different venues
  including, industrial settings, the performing
  arts, the military, fire/police, NASCAR, and
  many others.

Required: ATSW  150, ATSW 300, ATE 204, ATE 225, ATE 265, ATE 305, ATE 315, ATE 330,  ATE 400, ATE 405, ATE 425, ATE 440, ATE 460, COLB (FIT) 400, COLB (HSC)  275, COLB (HSC) 290, COLB (HSC) 325, BIOL 251/261, BIOL 252/262, PSY  211, HPE 111, HPE 186, SOC 211, CMST 113, ENG 111 (or 130, 200, 307),  CIS 110 or 217.


Required: ATSW 406, ATSW 407, ATSW 408, ATSW 409, (choose two of the following ATSW 350, 351, 352, or 354), ATSW 333, ATSW 334, ATSW 440, COOP 444. A minimum of 39 credits must be at or above the 300 level. Students enrolled in this concentration are not eligible to receive the Minor or Verification in Athletic Coaching.

athletic training

General Requirements  
Admission requirements for  the B.S. in liberal studies are the same as those for admission to the university. The degree is based upon the standard eight-semester  sequence of courses and requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for graduation.

Academic standards for good standing in the program are the same as  the university standards for good standing. To earn the B.S. in liberal  studies, the student must complete 48 credits and have a minimum cumulative quality-point average of 2.00 for all course work.

Specific Requirements
Forty-eight credits are  general education classes as required by the university constituting  courses in specific categories within arts and sciences. In addition to  general education classes, liberal studies students complete 24 credits  of lower-level (100-200) and 24 credits of upper-level (300 and above)  Arts and Sciences courses. An additional 24 credits of elective  coursework may be selected from any discipline. Maximum course work in a  single discipline is limited to 39 credit hours. All courses must be  selected in consultation with an advisor.

Bridget Lojak



  Briget Lojak, a recent Athletic Training Education graduate   
  chose Clarion because of the small class size and opportunities
  in and out of the classroom.  As a senior ATE student, Ms. Lojak
  took advantage of an internship opportunity at NASA's
  Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. 

  "The time spent at NASA truly gave me an out of the classroom
  experience that let me see additional opportunities that a
  career in athletic training can provide." - Briget Lojak

  Briget Lojak pictured with astronaut Bob Springer who flew on
  Discovery as well as Atlantis.



Ryan Voisey



Ryan Voisey, a recent Athletic Training Education graduate partook in a summer athletic training internship with the Green Bay Packers.  While in Green Bay, Ryan dealt with the players on a daily basis completing rehabilitation programs, taping players before practices and games, and setting up before practices and games. 

"This was a once in a lifetime experience and I am very blessed to have the opportunity to do this internship." - Ryan Voisey



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