B.A. Economics

Economics is the social science that studies human material needs, and how to maximize well-being with available resources. Household, government and business decisions are studied, as are trade and specialization among individuals and nations. Clarion’s B.A. in Economics provides a traditional liberal arts education by combining economics courses with courses in other social sciences, such as history and political science. Students have three options; 1) a language option, 2) a global studies option, and 3), a quantitative option. The language option is a language proficiency with a selection of economics courses chosen in consultation with the advisor. The global studies option combines internationally-oriented economics courses with globally oriented courses from across the social and behavioral sciences. This option requires intermediate language proficiency and an international learning experience. The quantitative option offers the same economics course options as students in the college of business, but augments the traditional liberal arts education with quantitative economic rigor. Students find this program suitable for postgraduate work in law, business and economics, or for beginning a career immediately after graduation. Many positions are open to economics graduates. A minor in economics is also offered, which complements many arts and science majors. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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B.S.B.A. Business Economics

Economics programs emphasize economic principles to problem solving for sound business decisions. These programs will develop your ability for abstract thinking and quantitative reasoning in addition to a practical working knowledge of the subject. The B.S.B.A. in economics equips students with the tools needed to adjust and advance in a continually changing world. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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B.S.B.A. International Business

The major in international business is a multidisciplinary major within the B.S.B.A. degree. Cultural and language courses complement the business courses to provide you with an excellent skill package to offer future employers. Our international travel and student exchange experiences have sent students to several countries in the past year. Many of our faculty members travel internationally to teach or consult. Our faculty has taught in such countries as Russia, China, Bahrain, Sweden, Korea and Peru. These faculty members bring these experiences back to the classroom for the direct benefit of our students. The program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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Minor in Economics

The minor in economics is designed to meet the needs of students in a number of majors. Economics is a natural complement to other social sciences and can serve as a field of application for majors. Minor courses include the same introductory and intermediate theory courses that form the core of both economics degrees Clarion offers. The upper-division courses permit the student to apply theory in subject areas that complement the student's field of study. If a student minoring in economics wishes to pursue a B.A. degree or a B.S.B.A. in Economics degree, no credits will be lost in the transition. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.


Minor in International Business

The business administration minor is intended to provide another academic option for non-business majors. Selection of this minor will broaden the academic pursuits of non-business majors, provide a credential that will make them more attractive to employers in the business sector, and serve as background for those intending to pursue the Master of Business Administration degree. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.


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