Master of Business Administration


Pre-professional M.B.A.

The pre-professional Master of Business Administration program is a cooperation of the College of Arts, Education and Sciences and the College of Business Administration and Information Sciences. The pre-professional M.B.A. program is at the baccalaureate level and provides the basic courses needed for further graduate training for business careers. Undergraduate students intending to complete the pre-M.B.A. option will meet the university's general education and special College of Business and Information Sciences requirements. Students also must complete a CAES in a major of their choice and will be advised to enroll in specific business administration and related core courses. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.


M.B.A. Accounting Concentration

The accounting concentration in the MBA program prepares students for careers in corporate accounting, accounting consulting, Certified Public Accounting, and various financial management positions. Students will have the opportunity to develop broad managerial skills, while developing specialized knowledge and skills in the area of accounting. This program is only available online.

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M.B.A. Business Administration

The major objective of the Master of Business Administration is to provide a basic core of knowledge about various theories, techniques and practices relating to business administration and problem solving. In addition, candidates for the degree have an opportunity for in-depth study in areas of interest. The program is designed for candidates with undergraduate degrees not only in business administration but also in other disciplines. Graduate courses are offered in the evening for the convenience of employed or part-time students. The College of Business Administration at Clarion University is accredited by AACSB International–The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This program is offered online.

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M.B.A. Finance Concentration

In today’s highly competitive business environment, managers need financial knowledge and tools to evaluate capital expenditures, make decisions about new products, identify funding sources and manage investments and risk. Having this knowledge is essential to sound decision making and is a valued function within all organizations. By earning our finance concentration with your MBA degree, you will gain knowledge in risk management and derivatives, international finance, financial theory and management of investment portfolios. You will explore real-world problems in finance and develop solutions based on the most current industry practices in this field. This program is only available online.

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M.B.A. Healthcare Concentration

The Health Care concentration within the MBA program prepares students for careers in the healthcare, insurance, biotechnology, life sciences, and supporting industries. Traditional MBA courses are combined with healthcare specific courses providing unique insight into the business world of healthcare. Earning this concentration will provide students with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and will build the critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills needed by healthcare administrators. The program is offered online.

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M.B.A. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

Innovation is to change, transform, revolutionize, breakthrough, provide new ideas, methods, products, and create impact. This concentration will provide those who want to understand how to create and become more innovative the ability to do so. Earning this concentration will prepare students for careers in entrepreneurship, new innovations, venture capital, and similar fields. The importance of learning about innovation and entrepreneurship is vital to job creation in our regional economy and the U.S. This program helps students recognize market potential, know how to evaluate and analyze customer needs, and translate those needs into new business opportunities. Graduates will understand the distinctive problems facing new businesses, which could include surviving with limited resources, scaling after start-up, finding financial capital, managing day-to-day operations, managing human capital, and understanding exit strategies. This concentration will prepare graduates with the skills needed to launch their new ventures. The program is offered online.

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M.B.A. Non-Profit Business Concentration

Millions of people worldwide work for nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit business concentration prepares you for careers in the nonprofit, nongovernmental and charitable sectors. Managers in these organizations are responsible for overall program management and increasing the quality and outreach of the programs within the organization, which can be very rewarding. This concentration will enhance your passion for doing good in the world by giving you focused study in financial management, marketing for nonprofits, and management of nonprofit organizations. This program is only available online.


Certificates And Certifications

Pre-M.B.A. Foundation Certificate

The Pre-Master of Business Administration foundation certificate is designed to prepare prospective students for our MBA program and to provide distance learners knowledge of business principles that will equip them for potential success. To be eligible you must have a four-year degree from a regionally accredited college or university. This certificate is offered at the Clarion campus and online.


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