B.S.B.A. Marketing

Marketing is a process employed by contemporary organizations to discover and adapt to consumers' needs and desires. It includes advertising, consumer research and selling, as well as other activities affecting the transfer of goods and services from seller to buyer. Clarion's Marketing Program has a balanced curriculum and a well-qualified, diversified faculty. Students can plan their programs to fit their particular interests and needs. Marketing students can also choose the international business minor. Clarion's program in marketing has been designed to prepare students for careers in advertising management, non-profit marketing, marketing research, physical distribution management, retailing management, and general marketing management. Types of entry-level positions available to graduates include: account executive, advertising manager, buyer, inventory control manager, marketing director, marketing research worker, media buyer, merchandise manager, product or brand manager, retail manager, salesperson, traffic and distribution services director, and warehouse manager. This program is offered only at the Clarion campus.

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Last Updated 9/20/19