Liberal Studies

The liberal studies program seeks to make students well-rounded contributors of society. Liberal studies majors tend to have a variety of interests that makes them appealing in many positions upon graduation.


B.S. Liberal Studies

Liberal studies is a multidisciplinary degree program. The Bachelor of Science in liberal studies is a major program designed to provide a structured program that encourages students to explore a diversity of academic skills and disciplines. It also seeks to be a liberal arts program for students who have not decided upon a specific school or major. It also is an option for students who have a desire to specialize in a combination of courses for which a dedicated major does not already exist. It is not necessary for students who enter the university undecided about a major to continue in liberal studies through graduation. Many students who begin in the liberal studies program develop interests that lead them to declare a specific major. Conversely, some students who have completed the core of a degree program opt for liberal studies when their career goals change. In order for students to pursue a dual degree or dual major with liberal studies as a baccalaureate student they must pursue a specific liberal studies concentration that does not duplicate their other degree or major. In the case of a post-baccalaureate student pursuing a liberal studies degree, he or she also must pursue a specific liberal studies concentration that does not in essence duplicate their existing degree. This program is offered at the Clarion campus and online.

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