Academic Forms

  • Application for Readmission (PDF fill-in form)
     Returning to Clarion after a period of absence 
         Undergraduate Students will fill this out if they have been out 1 semester or more.  
         Graduate Students will fill this out if they have been out 1 year or more.
         Reinstatement from Medical Withdrawal (Must be submitted with your Application for Readmission if you
         withdrew from your last semester for medical reasons.)   

  • Academic Renewal (PDF fill-in form)
    Academic forgiveness after a period of absence (see form for qualifications)

  • Application for Accelerated Bachelor's Degree Program (PDF fill-in-form)

  • Application for Certificate (PDF fill-in form)
      Required for all those seeking university approved certificates that meet PASSHE guidelines

    Application for Graduation
  • Apply online through your MyClarion Student Center
    Required for all degree seeking students the semester before they expect to graduate

    Application for Visiting Student Status
    Request to take courses at a visiting PASSHE institution
  • Undergraduate Visiting Student Form (PDF fill-in form)
  • Graduate Visiting Student Form (PDF fill-in form)

  • Catalog Year Change Form (PDF fill-in form)
    To follow the degree requirements for a catalog year after you entered the University

  • Change of Status Form (PDF fill-in form)
    Undergraduate Students: To change your major, add additional majors, minors or concentrations, or to request a different academic advisor. For additional information, please visit the Student Resources Web Page. Students should consult with an advisor or department chairperson before changing their major. 
    Graduate Students: If you are changing your graduate program to another area, you must apply through the Graduate Admissions office. If changing your concentration or advisor, please contact the department of your major. 

  • Class Withdrawal      Use the Drop function from the Enroll tab to withdraw from a course online from your Student Center.
    Please refer to the Important Dates and Deadlines page for specific dates. 
    Please note:  If you are withdrawing from all courses for the term, please fill out the university withdrawal form.

  • Course Waiver & Substitution Form (PDF fill-in form)
    Course substitutions and waivers for degree audit

  • Credit By Examination Form (PDF fill-in form)

  • Credit-No Record Form (PDF fill-in form)  No longer available for the Spring 2019 semester
  • Distance Ed Application (PDF fill-in form)
    Students taking approved courses at another State System University (collaborative programs only)

  • Extra Credit Load (PDF fill-in form)
    For permission to register for more than 18 credits

  • Graduate Transfer Credit Request Form (PDF fill-in form)
    Approval Form for graduate students to take courses at another university

  • Individualized Instruction and Independent Study From
    To request permission to take a course for independent study or individualized instruction 

  • Internship/ Cooperative Education Learning Agreement and Affiliation Agreement Worksite Provider (PDF fill-in form) 

  • Name & Social Security Number Change Form (PDF fill-in form)                       
      To change your name or social security number

  • Quick Admit Online Form  Quick Admit PDF Form
    (students who want to take less than 12 credits at Clarion)  Please refer to the Calendar's Page for deadlines on registering for a course for each respective semester.

  • Request to Register for Graduate Level Courses for Graduate Credit (for Senior Undergraduate Students)  
    (PDF fill-in form)
    Approval form for undergraduates to enroll in graduate courses and earn graduate-level credit

  • Request to Register for Graduate Level Courses for Undergraduate Credit (PDF fill-in form)
    Approval form for undergraduates to enroll in graduate courses and earn undergraduate credit

  • Request to take courses off Campus (PDF fill-in form)
    Approval form to take courses at another university

  • Release of Information Form (PDF fill-in form)
    To request release of non-directory information to a third party

  • Transcript Request Form (PDF fill-in form)  
    To request academic transcripts

  • University Withdrawal (PDF fill-in form) 
    If you are enrolled for classes and are not going to attend, you must submit the University Withdrawal to have your class schedule canceled prior to the end of the drop period for that session/term in order to avoid tuition and fee charges for the session/term.  For these deadlines, please see the Calendars page. 
    Withdrawals for medical reasons requires additional documentation. Please complete and return the Request for Medical Withdrawal along with the University Withdrawal form. See the Medical Withdrawal policy for more information.

    The deadline for withdrawing from ALL classes for the CURRENT TERM is the last day of classes prior to the beginning of finals week. Please indicate the correct effective term of withdrawal whether you are withdrawing from the current term or a future term. University withdrawals will not be processed retroactively.

Military Withdrawals
Students who are required to withdraw from Clarion University due to the Reserve and National Guard call-up will not be penalized.  Students should follow the proper procedures for withdrawal by submitting a copy of their military orders to the office of the registrar.  Clarion University will encourage flexible re-enrollment options for affected students.  

State System policy entitles all active duty personnel to a full refund of tuition and other charges pending their provision of a copy of their military orders to the Office of the Registrar.

Financial Aid Obligations
Clarion University observes the U.S. Department of Education guidelines directing universities to provide relief from student loan obligations by postponing student loan payments for borrowers during the period of the borrower’s active duty service.  Please note that student aid recipients who withdraw from school because they are called to active duty will not be required to return financial aid funds they received for books and living expenses.


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