First Year Mentors

First-Year Mentoring

 The First-Year Mentoring Program is an opt-in program for eligible first-year students who are admitted into Clarion University of Pennsylvania.  Students who are eligible for the First-Year Mentoring program will be notified via e-mail on their selection and how to opt-in to the program.

First-Year Students who choose to opt into the program will be paired with an upperclassmen peer mentor who has gone through an extensive educational training. The goal of this program is to help students acclimate to the academic environment and make the necessary adjustments to be a successful college student.  

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 Benefits of being engaged with your peer mentor:

First-Year Students who met with their mentor one or more times vs. those who did not had an increase in overall GPA (+0.52) and an increase in retention rate from Fall to Spring (+17.8%). 

First-Year Students who met with their mentor two or more times vs. those who did not had an increase of +0.55 GPA  and an increase in Retention Rate from Fall to Spring (+23.65%). 

First-Year Students who opt into the program should: 

  • Communicate with their First-Year Mentor bi-weekly through at least one in-person meeting (this may be individually or in a group setting) and one virtual/electronic communication, such as text, email, social media, etc.
  • Meet with a Student Success Coach during week one or two of the semester and continue with scheduled meetings at the discretion of the Student Success Coach
  • Attend at least one program (study table, coffee chats) conducted by a First-Year Mentor
  • Check their email regularly

First-Year Student Best Practices: 

  • Meet with their Academic Advisor during the first month of the semester
  • Meet with each instructor mid-semester to discuss academic progress (before Withdrawal Deadline)
  • Visit the Writing Center during the first semester
  • Sign up for at least one tutor during the first semester
  • Attend at least one First Year Friday event

 First-Year Student Testimonials: 

“I liked having somebody I could talk to about everything. Including school work, friends, my roommates and my grades. I was honest with her some of my grades were slowly dropping and I studied but she eventually gave me more options. I changed my major for this upcoming semester. She gave me some classes I could take that would just count as my General Eds. Which was very helpful.”

 “My mentor was every helpful for me! She was able to help me out a lot with my Sped class study guides. She was a life saver and was willing to help. I loved how she sent me a text once a week and it really made my week. She always answers me in a timely manner, she was there when I just need to get something off my chest. She was every helpful when I first started having problems with my roommate. When doing class scheduling she was able to tell me about the professors (if she had them). I really enjoy having her as a Mentor!”


Opt In Form

Students who have received a notification of their eligibility for the program should complete the following form to be matched with a First-Year Mentor. Once we receive your information we will follow up with an email to your eagle mail with your mentor’s name and contact information.



Last Updated 4/17/18