Admissions Question & Answer

Q. What SAT score do I need to apply?
A: There is no minimum SAT score required for admission to Clarion. The average SAT score is between 1030-1070 (critical reading and math scores combine).

Q: What do I need to get into Clarion?
A: These are the factors we consider in the Admissions decision

• Strength of Curriculum
• High School Class Rank
• Grade Point Average
• High School Profile
• SAT or ACT Test Score
• Recommendations
• Extra-Curricular Activities

A personal interview is highly recommended (for those applicants who can’t travel to campus, the admissions staff would be able to conduct personal interviews via telephone, Skype, or Facetime).

Q: When is the best time to apply?
A: Although there is no deadline, we encourage incoming freshman to apply early in the fall of their senior year of high school for the following Fall. Transfer students should start the process at least one semester before the planned start date at Clarion.

Q: How do I apply for admission?
A: The easiest way is to complete the online application. Send high school transcripts (and college transcripts if they are transfer students), SAT or ACT scores (transfer students are not required to submit a test score) and a $35 application fee.

Q: When will I hear if I've been accepted?
A: All students who submit an application will receive a notification that it has been received. The turnaround time for an admissions decision is usually 2-3 weeks once the application is complete. During the November and December holiday periods an admissions decision may take longer.

Q: After I have been accepted to Clarion, how do I let them know I will be attending in the fall?
A: Students who have been offered admission to the University are given until May 1, to accept the offer. Students indicate their intention to attend by sending a non-refundable deposit of $100 to the Admissions Office. On receipt of this deposit, the university will mail the student information about on-campus housing and the student's name will be submitted to the Orientation office.

Q: What do I need to transfer into Clarion?
A: Transfer students should submit both high school and all college transcripts with their application. (The Office of Admissions works with students to identify courses that transfer into the university; the respective academic deans determine how those courses apply to a particular program at Clarion.) To be admissible to Clarion, transfer students should be in good academic standing.

Q: Do you require a student to have taken a foreign language in high school for admission to Clarion?
A: No, it is not required, but the University strongly encourages foreign language courses to prepare for college and to prepare for life/work experiences. An average incoming student has completed two years of a foreign language.

Q: What kinds of subjects should I be taking in high school?
A: We strongly recommend four years of English, college prep math, science and social studies. Courses in foreign language, computer science and arts are also very helpful in college.

Q: Is it harder for an out-of-state student to be accepted than for a Pennsylvania student?
A: No. We evaluate all students on the same basis.

Q: I took an AP (Advanced Placement) test in high school. Will Clarion give me credits?
A: You may receive three credits or more per exam, depending on the score received. You must have an official copy of your test score results sent to the Admissions Office. AP credit chart.

Q: Are the requirements for admission different for the various majors?
A: No, with the exception of nursing. Admission to the ASN nursing program will depend, in part, on the student's score on the NLN (National League for Nursing) pre-examination. This does not include the 4 year BSN program.

Q: Do you have any special days when I can visit the campus to learn more?
A: Clarion offers visit options all year long. We have a number of Group Visit Day events throughout the year. Special visit days, according to majors, are scheduled for the spring semester. We request appointments be made approximately two weeks in advance so that we have time to send a confirmation with a campus map and parking permit.

Last Updated 8/22/16