E-Reserves Guidelines

Electronic Reserves allow authorized Clarion faculty and students to access supplementary course reading materials online. Items are organized alphabetically by professor, course number, and department. Each course is password protected, students need to get this password from the professor. Library staff are not permitted to distribute the password.

General Instructions

Electronic Reserves (E-Reserves)

  • Contact the Circulation Supervisor to set up a Clarion Shares area for your course.
  • He will send you via email, forms to be completed for the material requested.
  • Deliver the above form with electronic copies of documents to be placed on reserve.
  • If paper documents are also being submitted, please include another copy of the request with those.
  • Documents may be:
    • E-mailed to the Reserves Desk in the Circulation Department (the preferred method)
    • Hand-delivered to the Circulation Department
    • Mailed via U.S.P.S to the Circulation Department

Please allow sufficient lead time for processing. Requests may take up to two (2) weeks. Last minute requests may not be available when desired.

Items should be identified for reserve cataloging in the same manner as they appear on your syllabus. Students should know specifically what to ask or search for.

Print the the Library Reserves Request Form and submit with your print Reserve items.

All photocopied material should...

  • ...be photocopied onto single-sided, 8.5 x 11" paper.
  • ...include full bibliographic citation for each e-reserve document on the first page of each article.
  • ...NOT be stapled together! Use paper clips instead. Staples interfere with our scanning process.  
  • ...be no longer than 25 pages. If your document exceeds this page length, please divide the article into parts.
  • ...NOT have black margins and gutters on photocopies. Crop these marks when you scan to reduce toner waste and increase readability.
  • ...NOT include articles currently accessible on the Internet or via the library's electronic databases. These may not be placed on e-reserve.

In consideration of the fair use exception to U.S. copyright law, we can only place limited portions of a work on reserve. For more information about copyright, please contact the Dean of Libraries.

Please note that unused items cannot be left on Reserve, and are removed from the system.


Last Updated 8/19/19