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Who Can Teach on the Clarion Online Campus?
Article 42 - Distance Education
Mandatory D2L Faculty Training
Getting a Course Approved to Teach Online
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Who Can Teach on Clarion Online?

Departments select the faculty to teach online classes for Clarion Online using the same criteria and procedures they use to set up the teaching schedules for on campus classes. If you would like to teach an online class, you should contact your department chair. Online classes may be taught by tenure track faculty as part of their regular load, as an over load or by part time temporary faculty depending upon the department policy and the approval of the dean. For more information on compensation and preparation requirements for teaching online look at Article 42 Distance Education.

Online Mandatory D2L Faculty Training

Online faculty training in teaching with Desire to Learn will be offered at least twice a year.  For additional information on the training contact Darla Ausel at the Learning Technology Center extension 1848 or e-mail  ITV faculty training is offered on an as needed basis.

How do I get my course approved to be offered on CLARION ONLINE?

Any course that is in the catalog may be submitted for approval to the Committee on Curriculum and Programs of Study. The usual process is to complete the CCPS form and obtain approval from the department and signature of the department chair.

Deadline Dates for Proposal Submission are:

  Winter Intersession/Spring Terms Summer /Fall Terms
From faculty member to department chair: October 1 March 1
From department chair to ccps: October 8 March 8
From ccps to the provost: October 22 March 22
Presidential decision: October 30 March 30


Proposals that require an exception to the time line will be considered at local Meet and Discuss.

Can I use copyrighted materials in my class?

Under the copyright statutes educators have the right to use copyrighted material with certain limitations.  To help you determine if you are within the law in your use of copyrighted materials, PASSHE has developed a website. If you have further questions, please contact Terry Latour at

Last Updated 7/31/18